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Recognizing outstanding contributions to the field of geography

The AAG is proud to honor those geographers who advance our discipline through their hard work and brilliant insights. Each year, the AAG—along with many of its Specialty and Affinity groups—confers awards, prizes, and other recognition on geographers whose research, teaching, service, and mentorship constitute a valuable contribution to the wider community. In this way, we hope to applaud our members for their outstanding dedication, and draw attention to important developments in the field.

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Bolstering our community and the world of geography

For helping our community and contributing to the world of geography, our award-winning geographers have earned the highest recognition and the deepest respect. Whether a geographer has advanced our whole discipline or made a profound discovery in their own area of expertise, we honor their work. Grants and Awards are presented by both The AAG and the Specialty Groups for their contribution to geography and particular fields of study. Visit the awards index at the link below to search for grants and awards.


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2024 AAG Awards Recognition

An inaugural 2023 EDGE Award for Professional Organization was presented to AAG by EDGE Geospatial. Credit: Kevin Freese
AAG Recognized for Diversity and Equity Work by EDGE Geospatial

Collective Concerns, Geography Essentials, Spatial Narratives
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2023 AAG Awards Recognition