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Connections That Matter

Specialty Groups

There are 75 different interest-based groups of like-minded geographers, focused on particular areas of study within the broader field.

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Affinity Groups

These eight distinct groups bring together geographers based on identity, stage of career, or common interests. They help connect members with similar backgrounds and experiences.

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Regional Divisions

These nine North American groups connect geographers with other members in their given location in the United States and Canada empowering AAG members to connect around regional issues of significant importance.

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Engaged communities provide the connection, critique, and companionship that help geography thrive—at AAG, we provide our members the opportunity to join dedicated groups of fellow practitioners, each with its own focus and benefit



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*Although not yet reflected in the map, AAG’s nine regions include locations in the United States and Canada.


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Geography Essentials, Sharing Knowledge
Reports and White Papers
AAG State of Geography Report 2022

An Analysis of U.S. Federal Data from the National Center ofEducation Statistics, December 2022

New Books for Geographers
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New Books for Geographers: Winter 2022

Council Meeting Minutes
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Council Meeting Minutes – September 2022

Present: Marilyn Raphael, President; Rebecca Lave, Vice President; Emily Yeh, Past President; Joseph Oppong, Secretary; Gary Langham, Executive Director; Selima Sultana, Southeastern; Pablo Bose, National; Debarchana Ghosh, National; Patricia Solis, National; Edna Wangui, National; Dydia DeLyser, Pacific Coast; Tracy Edwards, MidAtlantic; Colleen Myles, Southwestern; Steven Schnell, Middle States. Via Zoom: Marcia England, Treasurer; Meghan Cope, National; Steven Silvern, New England St. Lawrence Valley; Heike Alberts, West Lakes, Amariah Fischer, Student; Diana Ojeda, International. Staff: Jill Treby, Chief of Staff; Amanda McKnight, Chief of Programs; Candida Mannozzi, Chief Operating Officer; Elin Thorlund, Events Manager; and Jennifer Cassidento, Publications Director, during Sept. 16 AAG Publications discussion.

Geographers participate during a MapGive open mapping event for humanitarian aid. Credit: U.S. Department of State
Closing the Gap between Curriculum and the Professional Realities of the Geospatial Technology Industry 

Geography Essentials, Sharing Knowledge
President's Column
Photo of wind turbines on a farm by Karsten Wurth for Unsplash
Geography and Geographers in a Changing World

Changing Human Populations, Collective Concerns, Geography Essentials, Governance and Policy, Living within Ecosystems, Sharing Knowledge