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Uniting Geographers Worldwide


The American Association of Geographers (AAG) brings together members of the global geographic community


We provide students, educators, practitioners, and partners with the resources they need to enter the field, develop their careers, and form professional friendships that can last a lifetime. Through annual and ongoing programs, events, and meetings, we aim to create a space in which all geographers—wherever they come from—will know they are valued, heard, and welcomed.

By taking care of our community we ensure the health and vitality of the geographic discipline as it evolves to meet the challenges faced in today’s world.

We are currently working from a strategic plan that advances the objectives of the AAG long-range plan (2015–2025), focused on three strategic core areas — geography as a discipline, world-class membership services, and strengthening AAG as a society.  Read our strategic plan




A community with resources and connections at its fingertips

An AAG membership is your link to the foremost networking events, publications, and career-development resources in the field of geography. Memberships allow students, educators, and practitioners of geography to:


Apply for exclusive grants to support research, fieldwork, and teaching.


Join active Specialty and Affinity Groups dedicated to particular branches of geography, where colleagues can network and stay on top of the latest research.


Take part in AAG’s public policy outreach efforts, advocacy work, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.



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Geography is more than measuring the length of rivers and the height of mountains


It is the study of the complex, unfolding relationships between people and the land they live on. With background knowledge grounded in the sciences, ethics, history, and the humanities, geographers go beyond mere cataloging and seek to understand the places and spaces we inhabit–in order to make them more just and equitable.

We are here to serve the global geographic community. That is why we support the advocacy efforts of geographers everywhere, as they use their knowledge to make our world a better place to live.



By supporting AAG, you can help us make and sustain the connections that keep geography active, relevant, and engaged…

…and help yourself by developing a deeper relationship to the field. Sharing our information with friends and colleagues, making a one-time or recurring donation, or taking advantage of our many sponsorship opportunities are all ways to make a difference to our work and on behalf of the discipline and geographers.


A note from our executive director


The American Association of Geographers (AAG) is uniquely positioned to represent the discipline and profession of geography. For more than 100 years, AAG has served academic and professional geographers and provided a crucial connection point among academia, government, and business. In an era of climate change, rising nationalism and social inequity, geography is more important than ever before. Yet, our profession is at risk from many directions: from challenges to its relevance within universities, professional challenges from other disciplines in business and government, and lack of diversity and inclusion, among other issues. At the threshold of these challenges, AAG foresees emerging opportunities to elevate its role, effectiveness, and efficiency in serving and supporting its members.

AAG foresees emerging opportunities to elevate its role and effectiveness in serving and supporting its members.

This strategic plan, approved by the AAG Council on April 7, 2020, was developed to advance the objectives of the long-range plan (2015 – 2025), by identifying the most urgent and achievable strategic priorities for AAG during the next three years. This strategic plan translates key elements of the long-term plan into three strategic core areas — geography as a discipline, world-class membership services, and strengthening AAG as a society — each with specific programs to inform tactical actions that can achieve measurable results.

Read our strategic plan

Gary M. Langham, Ph D.

Executive Director

AAG Staff

  • Mikelle Benfield
    Mikelle Benfield:

    Program Assistant

  • Jennifer Cassidento
    Jennifer Cassidento:

    Publications Director

  • Brenda DeVaughn
    Brenda DeVaughn:

    Accounting Finance Manager

  • Coline Dony
    Coline Dony:

    Senior Geography Researcher

  • Colleen Dougherty
    Colleen Dougherty:

    IT Director

  • Emily Fekete
    Emily Fekete:

    Community Manager

  • Liza Giebel
    Liza Giebel:

    IT Support Specialist

  • Julie Ische
    Julie Ische:

    Director of Development

  • Gary Langham
    Gary Langham:

    Executive Director

  • Oscar Larson
    Oscar Larson :

    Director of AAG Meetings

  • Michelle Ledoux
    Michelle Ledoux:

    Director of Membership Operations

  • Candida Mannozzi
    Candida Mannozzi:

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Teri Martin
    Teri Martin:

    Director of Finance and Accounting

  • Eddie McInerney
    Eddie McInerney:

    Policy Program Assistant

  • Amanda McKnight
    Amanda McKnight:

    Chief Program Officer

  • Julaiti Nilupaer
    Julaiti Nilupaer:

    Research Assistant

  • Becky Pendergast
    Becky Pendergast:

    Director of Design and Digital Platforms

  • Mark Revell
    Mark Revell:

    Manager, Career Programs and Disciplinary Research

  • Lisa Schamess
    Lisa Schamess:

    Director of Communications

  • Elin Thorlund
    Elin Thorlund:

    AAG Events Manager

  • Jill Treby
    Jill Treby:

    Chief of Staff

Opportunities at AAG

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) provides strategic leadership to advance the AAG’s JEDI Strategic Plan, working closely with the Executive Director, Chief Program Officer, AAG Council, and the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee. The Director of DEI will work collaboratively across the association to enact, evaluate, and report on actionable and measurable JEDI goals and strategies. This highly strategic position requires proven experience in the implementation of JEDI programming for organizations, with a strong focus on diversity and inclusion training, facilitation, and program evaluation.

Learn more and apply


The AAG seeks interns on a year-round basis for the spring, summer, and fall semesters. Interns participate in most AAG programs and projects such as education, outreach, research, website, publications, or the Annual Meeting. The AAG also arranges for interns to accompany different AAG staff on visits to related organizations or events of interest during the course of their internship. A monthly stipend of $700 is provided and interns are expected to make their own housing and related logistical arrangements. Enrollment in a Geography or closely related program is preferred but not a prerequisite for these opportunities.

Applicants should forward a resume, brief writing sample, and contact information (i.e., tel. email) to three references to Candida Mannozzi (

Terms and application deadlines:

  • Spring: December 1
  • Summer: March 1
  • Fall: August 1

Contact Candida Mannozzi with questions about AAG internships at 202-234-1450.

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The American Association of Geographers is governed by the AAG Council


An elected body composed of more than 300 volunteer members. Click below to find out more about our governance structure, and read the AAG Constitution.


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