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"As a geographer, recognition from AAG is always a good thing. Receiving the Mel Marcus Fund was something that stood out on my CV when applying for a faculty position."

Hannah Cooper
Hannah Cooper Assistant Professor East Carolina University
Hannah Cooper
Hannah Cooper 3 groups
  • Wine and Geography
  • Mid-Atlantic Geographers
  • History of Geography

"The recognition I received from the AAG, as one of the premier international scholarly collective of geographers, was very helpful in establishing my record as a scholar. When I've applied for grants or academic positions, I have been able to emphasize this recognition and honour."

Picture of John-Paul
John Paul Catungal Assistant Professor University of British Columbia
Picture of John-Paul
John Paul Catungal 5 groups
  • Health and Medical Geography
  • Geomorphology
  • Feminist Geographies
  • Cryosphere
  • Canadian Studies
Man in field flying a drone

"Working in an interdisciplinary department, it is often difficult to substantiate and communicate the quality or value of research in ways that are legible to scholars from different fields. The recognition from the AAG has helped me tremendously in that regard."

Case Watkins Assistant Professor James Madison University
Case Watkins 3 groups
  • Media and Communication Geography
  • Legal Geography
  • Transportation Geography

"I can say that personally, the recognition went a long way toward strengthening my commitment to the discipline of geography, and regardless of where my career takes me, I will most certainly remain an active member of the AAG."

Russell Hedberg, Assistant Professor
Russell Hedberg Assistant Professor Shippensburg University
Russell Hedberg, Assistant Professor
Russell Hedberg 3 groups
  • Animal Geography
  • Coastal and Marine
  • Indigenous Peoples

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Great Plains and Rocky Mountains Regional Division of The AAG
GPRM Annual Meeting 2023

2023 Race Ethnicity Place conference logo showing an African-American person's profile integrated with map lines
2023 Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference

Middle Atlantic Regional Division of The AAG
2023 Middle Atlantic Regional Division Meeting

Pacific Coast Regional Division of The AAG
2023 Pacific Coast Regional Division Meeting

West Lakes Regional Division of The AAG
2023 West Lakes Regional Division Meeting

Middle States Regional Division of The AAG
2023 Middle States Regional Division Meeting

New England and St. Lawrence Valley Regional Division of The AAG
2023 New England/St. Lawrence Valley Regional Division Meeting

Southwest Regional Division of The AAG
2023 Southwest Regional Division Meeting

East Lakes Regional Division of The AAG
2023 East Lakes Regional Division Meeting


Future Annual Meetings

Aerial view of Waikiki Beach and Honolulu, Hawaii, by Carol M. Highsmith
Honolulu, Hawaii
April 16-20, 2024
Night-time skyline image of glowing city of Detroit by Derek Gauci, CC BY-SA 4.0
Detroit, MI
March 24-28, 2025

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