35th Annual Geography Awareness Week

Photo of hand holding glowing globe by Greg Rosenke for Unsplash

Wherever you want to go, geography gets you there. 


November 14-19, 2022

A World of Possibilities

Celebrate Career Paths in Geography   

Everything happens somewhere, they say. For every “somewhere,” there are geographers exploring the how, why, and what of those places. Environmental conservation, population dynamics, political histories, medical mysteries: There is literally a world of possibilities for a career in geography. 

The impressive array of career choices might be one of our discipline’s best-kept secrets. This year, AAG aims to change that. During the 35th annual Geography Awareness Week (#GeoWeek2022), we’re showcasing the work of geographers in strikingly diverse areas, from agriculture and food security to tracking illegal mining; from foregrounding the geographies of health to the work of correlating cancer and air quality and applying GIS to patterns of substance abuse; from assuring the integrity of population counts to safeguarding wildlife ecologies; from advising on climate resilience to protecting fair voting maps.  

Geographers are wherever things are happening. Find out where we work! 


Get Involved!

This year, help AAG celebrate the impact that geographers have on the world. We invite you to take part in the 35th Annual Geography Awareness Week November 14-19, 2022. Here are a few ways to get involved right now. 

  • Become a GeoAdvocate. GeoAdvocates are individuals who tap into their own social and professional networks before and during GeoWeek, sharing information about the week and helping us amplify the stories and ideas we are offering. We will send you an information packet with content you can share, such as sample social media statuses, newsletter and listserv scripts, images, and activity ideas. Sign up now
  • Be a Promotional Partner. Promotional Partners are organizations interested in helping spread the word about GeoWeek. We provide you with information and public acknowledgment of your partnership. Sign up now 
  • Help Us Publicize Your Events. Are you having events for Geography Awareness Week? Drop us a line at helloworld@aag.org so we can include them in our map below. 

Connect with our Core Partners

AAG is pleased to collaborate with the following organizations and institutions to create information resources for Geography Awareness Week. 

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