Video: A World of Possibilities

Have you ever wondered where things happen? Why do they happen there? How do we find patterns and change them?

That’s where geography comes in—by connecting the where, why, who, and how. These insights are critical keys to healthier communities, a livable climate, and charting a stronger, more equitable future.

With skills in geography, you’ll have tools to work for respected companies, for universities, for nonprofits, and in public service for local, state, or national governments.

In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor shows the demand for these skills is expanding rapidly to meet new technological, environmental, and social needs.

There’s a world of possibilities waiting for you. You belong here.

AAG would like to thank AAG members Dr. Debarchana Ghosh, Dr. Deborah Thomas, Dr. Jacqueline Housel, Dr. Jason Post, Dr. Justin Stoler, and Dr. Wan Yu for their roles in helping shape this video and the AAG COVID-19 Response Subcommittee for proposing this project.