New Books: July 2013

Every month the AAG compiles a list of newly-published books in geography and related areas. Some are selected for review in the AAG Review of Books.

Publishers are welcome to send new volumes to the Editor-in-Chief (Kent Mathewson, Editor-in-Chief, AAG Review of BooksDepartment of Geography and Anthropology, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803).

Anyone interested in reviewing these or other titles should also contact the Editor-in-Chief.

July 2013

  • A Cultural History of Jewish Dress. Silverman, Eric. New York, NY: Bloomsbury 2013. $30.99 paper (ISBN 978-1-84788-286-8).

  • Advertising and Anthropology: Ethnographic Practice and Cultural Perspectives. de Waal Malefyt, Timothy and Robert J. Morais. New York, NY: Berg 2012. $29.95 paper (ISBN 978-1-85785-202-1).

  • An Historical Environmental and Cultural Atlas of County Donegal. Mac Laughlin, Jim and Sean Beattie, eds. Cork, Ireland: Cork University Press 2013. $£49 cloth (ISBN 978-185918-494-3).

  • An Infinity of Nations: How the Native New World Shaped Early North America. Witgen, Michael. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press 2013. $26.5 cloth (ISBN 978-0-8122-4365-9).

  • Anthropological Practice: Fieldwork and the Ethnographic Method. Okely, Judith. New York, NY: Berg 2012. $29.95 paper (ISBN 978-1-84520-603-1).

  • Archaeology and Anthropology: Past, Present and Future. Shankland, David, ed. New York, NY: Berg 2012. $99.95 cloth (ISBN 978-1-84788-966-9).

  • Arid and Semi-Arid Geomorphology. Goudie, Andrew S. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press 2013. $85.00 cloth (ISBN 978-1-107-00554-9).

  • Atlas of Global Development: A Visual Guide to the World’s Greatest Challenges, 4th edition. World Bank. Washington, D.C.: World Bank Publishing 2013. $29.95 electronic (ISBN 978-0-8213-9757-2).

  • Body Style. Winge, Therèsa M. New York, NY: Berg 2012. $29.95 paper (ISBN 978-1-84788-023-9).

  • The Chinese Fashion Industry: An Ethnographic Approach. Zhao, Jianhua. New York, NY: Bloomsbury 2013. $29.95 paper (ISBN 978-1-84788-935-5).

  • Cotton and Conquest: How the Plantation System Acquired Texas. Kennedy, Roger G. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press 2013. $34.95 cloth (ISBN 978-0-8061-4346-0).

  • The Devil’s Cormorant: A Natural History. King, Richard J. Hanover, NH: University Press of New England 2013. $29.95 cloth (ISBN 978-1-61168-225-0).

  • The English Breakfast: The Biography of a National Meal with Recipes. O’Connor, Kaori. New York, NY: Bloomsbury 2013. $29.95 paper (ISBN 978-0-85785-454-4).

  • Fashioning Japanese Subcultures. Kawamura, Yuniya. New York, NY: Bloomsbury 2012. $34.95 paper (ISBN 978-1-84788-947-8).

  • Foreign Intervention in Africa: From the Cold War to the War on Terror. Schmidt, Elizabeth. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press 2013. $27.99 paper (ISBN 978-0-521-70903-3).

  • Framing Africa: Portrayals of a Continent in Contemporary Mainstream Cinema. Eltringham, Nigel. New York, NY: Berghahn Books 2013. $70 cloth (ISBN 978-1-78238-073-3).

  • The Governance of Climate Change: Science, Economics, Politics and Ethics. Held. David, Angus Fane-Herbey and Marika Theros. New York, NY: Polity Books 2011. $24.95 paper (ISBN 978-0-7456-5202-3).

  • The Human Mosaic: A Cultural Approach to Human Geography, 12th Edition. Domosh, Mona, Roderick P. Neumann, Patricia L. Price, and Terry G. Jordan-Bychkov. New York, NY: W.H. Freeman 2013. $146.95 paper (ISBN 978-1-4292-4018-5).

  • Hunting, Fishing, and Environmental Virtue: Reconnecting Sportsmanship and Conservation. List, Charles J. Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University Press 2013. $21.95 paper (ISBN 978-0-87071-714-7).

  • Indigenous Agency in the Amazon: The Mojos in Liberal and Rubber-Boom Bolivia, 1842–1932. van Allen, Gary. Tuscon, AZ: University of Arizona Press 2013. $55 cloth (ISBN 978-0-8165-2118-0).

  • Karl Bodmer’s America Revisited: Landscape Views Across Time. Lindholm, Robert. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press 2013. $45 cloth (ISBN 978-0-8061-3831-2).

  • Lake Effect: Tales of Large Lakes, Arctic Winds, and Recurrent Snows. Monmonier, Mark. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press 2012. $ cloth (ISBN 978-0-8156-1004-5).

  • Land Snails and Slugs of the Pacific Northwest. Burke, Thomas E. Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University Press 2013. $35.00 paper (ISBN 978-0-87071-685-0).

  • Managing Adaptation to Climate Risk: Beyond Fragmented Responses. O’Brien, Geoff and Phil O’Keefe. New York, NY: Routledge 2014. $44.95 paper (ISBN 978-0-415-60094-1).

  • Mapping Wonderlands: Illustrated Cartography of Arizona, 1912–1962. Griffin, Dori. Tuscon, AZ: University of Arizona Press 2013. $55 cloth (ISBN 978-0-8165-0932-4).

  • Museums: A Visual Anthropology. Bouquet, Mary. New York, NY: Berg 2012. $29.95 paper (ISBN 978-1-84520-812-7).

  • Photgraphy and Exploration. Ryan, James R. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press 2013. $29.95 paper (ISBN 978-1-78023-100-6).

  • The Political Ecology of Metropolis: Metropolitan Sources of Electoral Behavior in Eleven Countries. Sellers, Jeffrey M., Daniel Kübler, Melanie Walter-Rogg and R. Alan Walks, eds. New York, NY: Columbia University Press 2013. $45.00 paper (ISBN 978-1-907301-44-5).

  • Porn Chic: Exploring the Contours of Raunch Eroticism. Lynch, Annette. New York, NY: Berg 2012. $39.95 paper (ISBN 978-1-84788-628-6).

  • Public Culture: Infrastructures of the Urban. Calhoun, Craig, Richard Sennett, and Harel Shapira, eds. Durham, NC: Duke University Press 2013. $ paper (ISBN 978-082236788-8).

  • The Quest for the Golden Trout: Environmental Loss and America’s Iconic Fish. Thompson, Douglas M. Hanover, NH: University Press of New England 2013. $29.95 cloth (ISBN 978-1-61168-319-6).

  • Shaping the New World: African Slavery in the Americas, 1500–1888. Nellis, Eric. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press 2013. $22.95 paper (ISBN 978-1-4426-0555-8).

  • Sugar Heritae and Tourism in Transition. Jolliffe, Lee. Bristol, England: Channel View Publications 2012. $49.95 paper (ISBN 978-1-84541-386-6).

  • Time and Time Again: History, Rephotography, and Preservation in the Chaco World. Lippard, Lucy R. Santa Fe, NM: Museum of New Mexico Press 2013. $39.95 cloth (ISBN 978-0-89013-577-8).

  • Vacationland: Tourism and Environment in the Colorado High Country. Philpott, William. Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press 2013. $39.95 cloth (ISBN 978-0-295-99273-0).

  • Why Walls Won’t Work: Repairing the US-Mexico Divide. Dear Michael. New York, NY: Oxford University Press 2013. $29.95 cloth (ISBN 978-0-19-979798-8).