In response to the call for more open access to vital scholarship on anti-Blackness and racism, issued by the Black Geographies Specialty Group last June and supported by 37 other AAG Specialty and Affinity Groups in their own letters, AAG and Taylor & Francis are providing free access to 49 articles from our journals through December 31, 2020. These articles are available for download at the links listed below. AAG acknowledges that this is but one action we must take toward creating a more representative discipline that fully responds to the urgency of confronting and defeating systemic racism, within our discipline and in society at large.

Author(s) Article
Best, Asha The Way They Blow the Horn: Caribbean Dollar Cabs and Subaltern Mobilities
Bledsoe, Adam Afro-Brazilian Resistance to Extractivism in the Bay of Aratu
Grady, Sue & Joe Darden Spatial Methods to Study Local Racial Residential Segregation and Infant Health in Detroit, Michigan
Granger, Orman E. The Hydroclimatonomy of a Developing Tropical Island: A Water Resources Perspective
Hamilton, Aretina R. & Kenneth Foote Police Torture in Chicago: Theorizing Violence and Social Justice in a Racialized City
Harwood, Stacy Anne, Ruby Mendenhall, Sang S. Lee, Cameron Riopelle & Margaret Browne Huntt Everyday Racism in Integrated Spaces: Mapping the Experiences of Students of Color at a Diversifying Predominantly White Institution
Kobayashi, Audrey The Dialectic of Race and the Discipline of Geography
Mburu, Lucy W. & Marco Helbich Crime Risk Estimation with a Commuter-Harmonized Ambient Population
Mollett, Sharlene Mapping Deception: The Politics of Mapping Miskito and Garifuna Space in Honduras
Mullings, Beverley Sides of the Same Coin?: Coping and Resistance among Jamaican Data-Entry Operators
Noxolo, Patricia & Marika Preziuso Postcolonial Imaginations: Approaching a “Fictionable” World through the Novels of Maryse Condé and Wilson Harris
Osborne, Tracey, and Elizabeth Shapiro-Garza Embedding Carbon Markets: Complicating Commodification of Ecosystem Services in Mexico’s Forests
Palmer, Mark & Robert Rundstrom GIS, Internal Colonialism, and the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs
Pulido, Laura Rethinking Environmental Racism: White Privilege and Urban Development in Southern California
Pulido, Laura, Tianna Bruno, Critistina Faiver-Serna, and Cassandra Galentine Environmental Deregulation, Spectuacular Racism, and White Nationalism in the Trump Era
Rhiney, Kevon, Chris Knudson, & Zack Guido Cultivating Crisis: Coffee, Smallholder Vulnerability, and the Uneven Sociomaterial Consequences of the Leaf Rust Epidemic in Jamaica
Rose, Harold M. The Development of an Urban Subsystem: The Case of the Negro Ghetto.
Rose, Harold M. The Geography of Despair.
Rufat, Samuel, Eric Tate, Christopher T. Emrich & Federico Antolini How Valid Are Social Vulnerability Models?
Tate, Eric Uncertainty Analysis for a Social Vulnerability Index
Wilson, Bobby M. Race in Commodity Exchange and Consumption: Separate but Equal
Wilson, John, Kevin Butler, Song Gao, Yingjie Hu, Wenwen Li & Dawn Wright A five-star guide for achieving replicability and reproducibility when working with GIS software and algorithms
Wright, Dawn J., Michael F. Goodchild, & James D. Proctor Demystifying the Persistent Ambiguity of GIS as ‘Tool’ versus ‘Science’
Wright, Dawn J., Sally L. Duncan, and Denise Lach Social Power and GIS Technology: A Review and Assessment of Approaches for Natural Resource Management
Wright, Willie Jamaal The Morphology of Marronage
Alderman, Derek H. A Street Fit for a King: Naming Places and Commemoration in the American South
Alderman, Derek H., Paul Kingsbury & Owen J. Dwyer Reexamining the Montgomery Bus Boycott: Toward an Empathetic Pedagogy of the Civil Rights Movement
Combs, H. Jason The South’s Slave Culture Transplanted to the Western Frontier
Cope, Meghan, and Frank Latcham Narratives of Decline: Race, Poverty, and Youth in the Context of Postindustrial Urban Angst
Delaney, David The Space That Race Makes
Faria, Caroline, Bisola Falola, Jane Henderson & Rebecca Maria Torres A Long Way to Go: Collective Paths to Racial Justice in Geography
Gilmore, Ruth Wilson Fatal Couplings of Power and Difference: Notes on Racism and Geography
Guthman, Julie “If They Only Knew”: Color Blindness and Universalism in California Alternative Food Institutions
Heynen, Nik Back to Revolutionary Theory Through Racialized Poverty: The McGee Family’s Utopian Struggle for Milwaukee
Holloway, Steven R., Richard Wright & Mark Ellis The Racially Fragmented City? Neighborhood Racial Segregation and Diversity Jointly Considered
Peake, Linda, and Audrey Kobayashi Policies and Practices for an Antiracist Geography at the Millennium
Pulido, Laura Reflections on a White Discipline
Torres, Rebecca Maria Everyday Encounters with Activist Scholarship
Tretter, Eliot M. The Power of Naming: The Toponymic Geographies of Commemorated African-Americans
Valentine, Gill Theorizing and Researching Intersectionality: A Challenge for Feminist Geography
Wilson, Bobby M. Critically Understanding Race-Connected Practices: A Reading of W. E. B. Du Bois and Richard Wright
Wilson, David Introduction: Racialized Poverty in U.S. Cities: Toward a Refined Racial Economy Perspective
Winders, Jamie, and Richard Schein Race and Diversity: What Have We Learned?
Woods, Clyde Life After Death
Wright, Willie Jamaal The Public Is Intellectual
Wyly, Elvin K. Race, Gender, and Spatial Segmentation in the Twin Cities
Crawford, Madyson An Ode to Belonging: Southern Black Women’s Politics of Belonging Through Storytelling
Ignatov, Anatoli African Orature as Ecophilosophy: Tuning in to the Voices of the Land
Modlin, E. Arnold, Stephen P. Hanna, Perry L. Carter, Amy E. Potter, Candace Forbes Bright & Derek H. Alderman Can Plantation Museums Do Full Justice to the Story of the Enslaved? A Discussion of Problems, Possibilities, and the Place of Memory