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Black Geographies

The Black Geographies Specialty Group mission is to create a global platform for: (a) promoting study of the social, political, cultural, economic, and ecological aspects of the race in/and geography, (b) encouraging critical reflection on the issues, processes, intrinsic qualities, and interconnections that shape Black lives and geographies on local, national, continental, and international scales, (c) exchanging research and teaching ideas among scholars of race in/and geography, and (d) building greater ties between geographers and the Black and Africana Studies community.


Regular: $10.00
Student: $5


Chair: Camilla Hawthorne, UC Santa Cruz
Vice Chair: Willie Wright, Rutgers University
Secretary-Treasurer: Jonathan Hall, West Virginia University
Student Representatives: Aaron Mallory, Florida State University; Erin Royals, Rutgers University; April Graham-Jackson, UC Berkeley
Communications Representatives: Akira Drake, University of Pennsylvania; Muriel Marsellie

Geography Essentials, Planning and Development, Spatial Narratives

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