Let CAR (Community, Accountability, and Relevance) Drive your Instruction

This seminar will teach participants to learn concrete strategies for: (1) building vibrant classroom community; (2) having students accountable for their learning through active learning and formative assessment strategies; and (3) learning through topics relevant to their lives like Hollywood film, music, sports, food, community outreach, and dance.

August 11, 2022, 11:00am Eastern Time – August 11, 2022, 1:15pm Eastern Time

Webinar Ended


Mark FrancekMark Francek, Central Michigan University

Dr. Mark Francek is currently professor of Geography and Environmental Studies at Central Michigan University (CMU). Before his CMU gig, he taught at a maximum-security prison, middle school, and army base. He’s won numerous teaching awards including the College Teacher of the Year from the Michigan Science Teachers Association. Mark is a passionate believer that the best instruction grows out of building classroom community, holding students accountable for their learning, and showing students the relevance of geography to their everyday lives. He’s biked across America three times with students!

Audience and capacity

This seminar is open to graduate students who are interested to learn about: (1) Students won’t care about your research unless they know you care. Students will forgive many beginner mistakes if they know you have their back; (2) Students won’t read assigned work and you’ll be stuck with simple lecture if you don’t hold students accountable for every class period. With students prepared for class, you can concentrate on higher level learning; (3) Why should students be interested in your class if you just drone on with endless PowerPoints? Use your creativity to add Hollywood movies, music, food, dance, sports, and friends right to the mix. We can welcome up to 300 members to participate in this seminar.