University of California Press Selected for AAG Publication Award

The University of California Press is awarded the Association of American Geographers’ Publication Award in recognition of their long-term support of geographic scholarship and publishing and overall excellence in publishing.

The relationship between the University of California Press and the discipline of geography goes back over a hundred years. Their University of California Publications in Geography series began in 1913. They published many of the major works of prominent geographer Carl Ortwin Sauer, a member of the University of California-Berkeley faculty and past President of the Association of American Geographers. And they continue to publish cutting-edge work in geography, spanning the discipline from physical to critical human geography.

Today, the geographic works published by the University of California Press are recognized with major awards, including the Association of American Geographers own Meridian Book Award, the John Brinckerhoff Jackson Prize, and Globe Book Award for Public Understanding of Geography. For example, their Atlas of Yellowstone (2012) has been recognized with no less than four publication awards.

For their long-term commitment to publishing excellent research in geography, we honor the University of California Press.