Henry L. Hunker

- 2009

Henry Louis Hunker, Professor Emeritus at Ohio State University, died on April 10, 2009. Hunker began his long association with Ohio State University in 1949. He completed a PhD there in 1953, was appointed Professor of Geography, and later served as Professor in the School of Public Administration. He retired in 1994 following 41 years of service. In 1957, Hunker was Fulbright Lecturer at the University of Queensland, Australia, and in 1972-1973 was a battelle Memorial Institute Fellow. He served in various administrative positions at Ohio State, including Assistant Dean of the College of Commerce and business Administration 1966-68; Director, Center for Community and Regional Analysis 1968-1970; Associate Dean of the College of business 1989-90; and Director of the Ohio State Summer Program at Oxford University in England 1983-1985. Hunker’s work in economic geography appeared in many professional and popular journals. He authored several books, including Industrial Development, Concepts and Principles (1974), and Columbus: A Personal Geography (2000). His courses attracted future business leaders in Columbus and Central Ohio. Hunker also served his profession as editor of The East Lakes Geographer from 1963-72.

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