Geography Awareness Week 2023

Bowie State University Professor Sumanth Reddy captures nine of his students in an action pose as they explore Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. Credit: Sumanth Reddy
Bowie State geography students tour one of several national parks. Credit: Sumanth Reddy

What we mean by ‘place’ is a crossroads, a particular point of intersections of forces coming from many directions and distances.”

Rebecca Solnit, 2023 AAG Honorary Geographer



The Power of Place

To geographers, place is defined as a space that has been made meaningful by people and connections. Places can be sites of belonging or exclusion; safety or danger; commerce and activity or repose and reflection. Certainly, places imply witness: can a place even be a place if no one at all is there or knows it?

The work of seeing, understanding, and knowing places is the work of geographers. Our work, by necessity, is wide-ranging but always situated in relation to place. As this year’s AAG Honorary Geographer Rebecca Solnit put it in her talk at the AAG annual meeting, “If a field of expertise can be imagined as an actual field, then…I love geography because [it] trespasses across a lot of hedges and fences and borders in its vast encompassing of so many crucial things.”   Watch the recording

Now more than ever, as we contemplate the rapid change wrought on the Earth by human-caused activities, and as human settlements cover roughly half of Earth’s land surface, and as we confront the pressing need to embed habitat, plant, and animal life in our notions of place, we must examine our connections and our shared responsibility to care for places together. Understanding geography is a crucial part of fulfilling our responsibility to places.

Take part in National Geography Awareness Week: The Power of Place, November 13-17, 2023. Help AAG tell the world about how vital the field of geography is to understanding where we are right now, and where we can go. Use our map to find out about GeoWeek events and happenings where you are, and all over the world.


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