Two new interns have joined the AAG staff this spring. The AAG would like to welcome Adain and Evangeline to the organization.

Aidan ClarkAidan Clark (she/her) is excited to be serving as the AAG’s Media and Communications intern. She attends the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR, where she is completing her B.S. in Geography with a concentration in GIS. She is also passionate about her minors in History and Environmental Studies. As a recipient of the departmental Holzman Family Award for excellence in geography, Aidan has studied a wide variety of subjects in the field with cartography and remote sensing being her favorites. Outside of academics, she enjoys sailing, skiing, and making stained glass art. After graduation, Aidan will be moving back home to St. Paul, Minnesota and pursuing a career in GIS or contemplating a master’s degree.


Evangeline DwelleEvangeline Dwelle (she/her) is a senior in Geography at the University of North Texas. Although now a proud Dentonite, she is originally from Austin, Texas, which sparked her interest in environmental issues especially as they relate to cities, particularly surface water quality and water quantity and conservation. Evangeline’s previous positions include an internship with the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District, conducting field work and processing data, and a field technician for a GIS-based air quality study. She has also been a field technician in ecological research on the southern coast of Chile through UNT’s Sub-Antarctic Biological Conservation Program. Previous research includes a study of the air quality in college campus buildings, and how indoor plants relate to particulate matter in the air. Her current personal research is a GIS-based project studying the role of riparian vegetation in protecting surface water quality in the Austin, Texas creek systems. In her free time, Evangeline loves to enjoy the outdoors, whether it be camping, hiking, biking, or hammocking. She loves to read, build puzzles, is a live music enthusiast, and she is currently restoring a piano she found on the curb.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for an internship at the AAG, the AAG seeks interns on a year-round basis for the spring, summer, and fall semesters. More information on internships at the AAG is also available on the Jobs & Careers section of the AAG website at: