Ask a Geographer Program Interest

What topics would you like to serve as a contact for in the Ask a Geographer program? Please provide no more than 4 topics; you may provide a topic preference order if you wish. You will not be listed for more than 2 topics on the page. Note that topics align with AAG Specialty Groups, so please review our Specialty Groups index and provide your topic(s) here:

Please provide a 1 to 2 sentence personal introduction (e.g. I’m an assistant professor of geography and teach undergraduate courses in Cultural Geography, World Regions, and Cartography. My research interests and experience are wide-ranging and I would be happy to help answer your questions and find information related to your interests.).

Website(s). (List any website that include additional information about yourself that you would like included on the site – e.g. LinkedIn, your faculty page from your Department, etc.)

Please list specific sub-topics / areas of interest that you would like to indicate as particular areas of expertise and assistance. (e.g. If you are listed as a contact for Transportation Geography you might list Public Transit Systems and Bicycle Commuting).

Any additional comments or questions? Please share them with us here.