50-Year Members Honored at AAG Annual Meeting

Recognition of 50-Year Members

The Class of 1964 receives a memento in recognition of their loyalty to the Association.  As a tangible token of appreciation, 50-year members also receive lifetime remission of annual dues and annual meeting registration fees from the AAG. 

Ronald F. Abler
James P. Allen
William R. Black
Robert O. Clark
Malcolm L. Comeaux
Gary S. Elbow
John B. Fieser
Robert R. Geppert
Lay J. Gibson
Charles Good, Jr
Janet H. Gritzner
Gilbert M. Grosvenor
Kingsley E. Haynes
John C. Hudson
John A. Jakle
Dr. Wayne E. Kiefer
Max C. Kirkeberg
Charles Kovacik
James S. Kus
Ary J. Lamme, III
Lawrence E. Maxwell
David R. Meyer
M Clare Newman
Philip R. Pryde
Gabriel A. Renzi
Thomas F. Saarinen
David E. Schwarz
George E. Sinnott
James N. Snaden
Clifford E. Tiedemann
Stephen W. Tweedie
George M. Ververides
David Ward
Stephen O. Wilson
Richard D. Wright