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Prepare in advance for the annual meeting by downloading the AAG's app. Set up your account, browse sessions, connect with friends and plan your calendar.
AAG Annual Meeting field trips, workshops and excursions

Schedule a Field Trip or Workshop

Explore the rich physical and cultural geography of the San Francisco area through field trips and expand your area of expertise with a workshop.
 AAG Honorary Geographer

Robert Bullard Talks Equality

Father of Environmental Justice Robert Bullard will lecture on "The Quest for Environmental and Climate Justice: Why Race and Place Still Matter."


AAG's International Encyclopedia of Geography

The Authoritative Reference

Ask your library to purchase The International Encyclopedia of Geography, the 15-volume authoritative reference in geography. Updated annually!
AAG Policy Analysis

AAG Policy Analysis

The AAG continues to update you on key issues that have a clear impact on geography. Read more and find out how you can express your own views.
March for Science

Geographers March for Science

During the past year, the AAG has continued its strong partnership with March for Science. Sign the banner, get your hat and march into AAG sessions on Saturday.


AAG Honors, Book Awards and Fellows

AAG Announces Its Major Awards

Find out more about the latest awardees of AAG Honors, Book Awards and AAG Fellows recognized for their contributions to advancing geography. 
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The AAG Jobs in Geography Center
is the preeminent source of geography
jobs within academic, public, private
and nonprofit sectors.