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December 31, 2016 - The AAG Meredith F. Burrill Award

Honors work of exceptional merit and quality that lies at or near the intersection of basic research in geography on the one hand, and practical applications or policy implications on the other.

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December 31, 2016 - AAG Dissertation Research Grants

The AAG provides support for doctoral dissertation research in the form of small grants of up to $1000 to PhD candidates of any geographic specialty.

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December 31, 2016 - AAG Globe Book Award for Public Understanding of Geography

Annual prize for a book that conveys most powerfully the nature and importance of geography to the non-academic world.

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December 31, 2016 - Darrel Hess Community College Geography Scholarship

Awarded to students from community colleges, junior colleges, city colleges, or similar two-year educational institutions who will be transferring as geography majors to four year colleges and universities.

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December 31, 2016 - George and Viola Hoffman Award

Awarded for student research toward a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation on a geographical subject in Eastern Europe.

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December 31, 2016 - John Brinckerhoff Jackson Prize

Encourages and rewards American geographers who write books about the United States which convey the insights of professional geography in language that is interesting and attractive to a lay audience.

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December 31, 2016 - AAG Marcus Fund for Physical Geography

Fosters personally formative participation by students collaborating with faculty in field-based physical geography research in challenging outdoor environments.

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December 31, 2016 - AAG Meridian Book Award for Outstanding Scholarly Work in Geography

Annual prize for a book that makes an unusually important contribution to advancing the science and art of geography.

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December 31, 2016 - AAG E. Willard and Ruby S. Miller Award

Recognizes AAG members who have made truly outstanding contributions to the geographic field due to their special competence in teaching or research.

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December 31, 2016 - AAG Research Grants

The AAG provides small grants to support members' research and fieldwork.

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December 31, 2016 - Anne U. White Fund

Enables people, regardless of any formal training in geography, to engage in useful field studies and to have the joy of working along side their partners.

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December 31, 2016 - AAG International Geographic Information Fund Student Travel Grants

Support full-time students who are currently registered in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a duly accredited and recognized college, university, or other educational institution located within the United States, and who are working in any area of spatial analysis or geographic information science or systems.

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June 30, 2017 - AAG Honors

Recognize outstanding accomplishments by members in research & scholarship, teaching, education, service to the discipline, public service outside academe and for lifetime achievement.

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June 30, 2017 - Media Achievement Award

Recognizes exceptional and outstanding accomplishments in publicizing geographical insights in media of general or mass communication.

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June 30, 2017 - AAG Publication Award

Recognizes exceptional and outstanding contributions to the discipline by publishers.

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September 15, 2017 - Enhancing Diversity Award

Honors geographers who have pioneered efforts toward or actively participated in efforts toward encouraging a more diverse discipline over the course of several years.

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September 15, 2017 - AAG Susan Hardwick Excellence in Mentoring Award

Recognizes individuals, groups, or departments who have increased the number of students and faculty from underrepresented groups, improved the quality of their participation in geography or who have impacted the climate of a department, college, or institution toward greater inclusion.

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September 15, 2017 - Honorary Geographer

Recognizes an individual for their excellence in research, teaching, or writing on geographic topics by non-geographers.

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September 20, 2017 - The AAG Stanley Brunn Award for Creativity in Geography

Given annually to an individual geographer or team that has demonstrated originality, creativity, and significant intellectual breakthroughs in geography.

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September 22, 2017 - J. Warren Nystrom Award

Annual prize for a paper based upon a recent dissertation in geography.

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October 15, 2017 - Marble-Boyle Undergraduate Award

Recognizes excellence in academic performance by undergraduate students from the United States and Canada who are putting forth a strong effort to bridge geographic science and computer science as well as to encourage other students to embark upon similar programs.

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October 15, 2017 - Harold M. Rose Award for Anti-Racism Research and Practice

Honors geographers who have a demonstrated record of advancing the discipline through their research, and who have also had on impact on anti-racist practice.

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October 15, 2017 - William L. Garrison Award for Best Dissertation in Computational Geography

Supports innovative research into the computational aspects of geographic science.

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