Best Practices for US Government and Private Sector Job Applications & Interviews: Owning Your Story

This seminar will feature two speakers who will each share their unique perspectives and some key points about applying for jobs in geography/GIS. Discussion of best practices and guidance for applying to geography/GIS related positions in the government and private sector. Insights for crafting resumes/cover letters, portfolios and interviewing strategies when applying to these institutions. Designed for participants who are looking to land their first position or experienced applicants looking to further advance their careers.

June 17, 2022, 11:00am Eastern Time – June 17, 2022, 1:00pm Eastern Time

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Julie CommerfordJulie Commerford, Saginaw Valley State University

Dr. Julie Commerford is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Saginaw Valley State University. She has three years of experience working in the private sector prior to academia, and currently co-leads the GIS Certificate program at her university. She enjoys seeing her students develop compelling resumes and cover letters that help them successfully land jobs and internships.

Andrew T GroganAndrew T. Grogan, University of Arizona

Dr. Andrew T. Grogan is the Assistant Director of the University of Arizona’s Geographic Information Systems Technology program providing instruction and support for GIS\Remote Sensing courses and general administrative functions across all three GIST BS/MS degrees. A geographer by trade Andrew has twenty years of professional experience in the GIS industry working in the private sector and more recently at the university. Based on professional experience hiring for geography/GIS positions in the private sector Andrew spends time providing career development services to assist UArizona GIST students in finding professional placement post program.

Audience and capacity

This seminar is open to graduate students who are interested to learn about (1) Points of origin and the branching path (individuals as applicants): Each individual has valuable skills and experiences which can contribute to an organization. Learn to express this value comprehensively in your resume, cover letter and interviews. Show prior thoughtfulness on your vision, goals and accomplishments that you offer as an asset to an organization and their objectives; (2) A hiring managers perspective: Consider the mindset of government and private sector hiring managers in the GIS/Geography industry. What traits, skills, experiences and perspectives do you possess academically, professionally and in your own life that can make organizations see your true value. Learn to express this in writing and interviewing in way to distinguish yourself; (3) Preparation and execution: Learn to develop resumes and cover letters that express your skills, goals and accomplishments using written expression designed specifically to speak to an organization’s needs. Use research and prior thoughtfulness to prepare real world examples that can illustrate your value when being interviewed. Consider a resume to catch their attention, a cover letter to make them want to meet you and interviewing skills that will prove your value through a mutually beneficial alignment.

We can welcome up to 300 members to participate in this seminar.