Anti-Colonial Geographic Methods in Indigenous Research

In the face of recent controversies surrounding geography and its roles related to both military-industrial means and Indigenous communities, the seminar will speak about the ways in which it is important to design and implement geographic research that can better serve the needs and safety of Indigenous communities.

July 14, 2022, 11:00am Eastern Time – July 14, 2022, 1:15pm Eastern Time

Webinar Ended


Deondre SmilesDeondre Smiles, University of Victoria

Dr. Deondre Smiles is an Indigenous geographer whose research focuses on work done with Indigenous communities. He has published on research ethics, especially with Indigenous communities, and is strongly committed to ethical, respectful interactions with these communities.

Audience and capacity

This seminar is open to graduate students who are interested to learn about: (1) How to think about constructing a methodology for working with Indigenous or other marginalized communities that consider the needs and desires of the communities; (2) How to approach Institutional Review Boards (both institutional and community-based) when doing work with Indigenous/marginalized communities; (3) How to think critically about one’s positionality and subjectivity to the work being done—how does their identity and connections play into the work, and how do these things interface with communities. We can welcome up to 300 members to participate in this seminar.