‘The AAG Review of Books’: COVID-19 Announcement

It has been my pleasure to serve as Editor in Chief for the AAG Review of Books for eight years. As I work on the transition to a new incoming editor, to prepare for the rest of 2020, we have been served up with an unexpected challenge, in the form of the COVID-19 crisis.

The publishing industry is already reacting to this public health emergency, moving back publication dates and slowing editorial schedules. A ripple effect in timelines and publication dates for the Review is inevitable. Coupled with this reality, we also need to be responsive to the personal and professional needs of our reviewers and staff, as they manage unanticipated family and professional obligations at this difficult time.

Accordingly, we expect to slow down the pipeline of new book reviews during this first part of 2020, which will affect our timetables for the next several issues.

Please rest assured that we will continue to work toward providing timely, well-considered reviews of the most current books concerning geography, geospatial public policy, and global geopolitical issues. We expect that the timing of our work will be influenced by these significant external forces at work in all of our lives and the publishing industry this spring.

I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during the coming months. Thank you for your contributions to the journal, your contributions to the field, and your readership.

Editor, the AAG Review of Books

Kent Mathewson