The first annual GeoPoetics Poetry Reading was held on March 29 at the 2016 AAG Annual Meeting in San Francisco. It was organized by the editors of the new AAG journal, GeoHumanities. Cecil Giscombe, University of California – Berkeley, is pictured here during his reading.

GeoHumanities has organized a GeoPoetics poetry reading to take place at the 2017 AAG Annual Meeting in Boston with accomplished poets from Boston and New England. These include Stephen Burt (poet, critic and professor of poetry at Harvard), January O’Neill (poet and professor at Salem State University, executive director of the Massachusetts Poetry Festival), Danielle Legros Georges (faculty member at Lesley University and Boston’s Poet Laureate), Joseph Massey (author of the recent Illocality from Wave books), and Jill McDonough (poet and professor at UMass Boston. Three times recipient of the Pushcart Prize). All of these poets approach place, and particularly the places of Boston and New England, in fresh and slant-wise ways that force us to see our world in new ways.

The first GeoHumanities GeoPoetics Poetry reading took place at the 2016 AAG Annual Meeting in San Francisco. The session featured a range of accomplished Bay Area poets including Cecil Giscombe, Douglas Powell, Mary Burger, Judy Halebsky and Lyn Hejinian. In each case the poets read work that crossed the boundaries of geography and poetry and represented some of the finest examples of “earth writing”. The session attracted a large and enthusiastic audience.

Session Information: GeoHumanities GeoPoetics Poetry Reading at the 2017 AAG Annual Meeting, Boston