Regional Divisions Announce 2022 Outstanding Student Papers During their Fall Meetings

The AAG is proud to announce the Fall 2021 student winners of the AAG Council Award for Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Student Papers at a Regional Meeting. The AAG Council Award for Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Student Papers at a Regional Meeting is designed to encourage student participation at AAG Regional Division conferences and support their attendance at AAG Annual Meetings. One graduate student and one undergraduate student in each AAG Regional Division receives this yearly award based on a paper submitted to their respective regional conference. The awardees receive $1,000 in funding for use towards their registration and travel costs to attend the AAG Annual Meeting. The board members from each region determine student award winners. 

The winners from each region will be presenting their papers in two dedicated paper sessions at the upcoming 2022 AAG Annual Meeting.

Association of Pacific Coast Geographers/Pacific Coast – APCG

Zihui Lei, Graduate Student Paper, CSU Northridge; Paper Title – “Afro-Latinx Communities in Southern California: Using Cartographies to Understand Social and Environmental Justice”
Cameron Calverley, Undergraduate Student Paper, University of San Diego; Paper Title – “Drought Impacts and Water Management in Semi-Arid Regions: Analyzing Cape Town, South Africa’s ‘Day Zero’”

East Lakes Division of the AAG – ELDAAG

Scott Fitzgerald, Graduate Student Paper, Western Michigan University; Paper Title – “Coastal Geomorphic Change Due to Shoreline Protections – A Study on Lake Michigan’s Eastern Shoreline”

Sean Whelan, Undergraduate Student Paper, The Ohio State University; Paper Title – “Establishing a Climatology of Significant Tornadoes within the Southern United States”

Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Division of the AAG – GPRM

Katie Grote, Graduate Student Paper, University of Kansas; Paper Title – “Controlling the Narrative: Critiquing the Geopolitical Agendas of U.S. Environmental Impact Assessments and Exclusion of Indigenous Communities”

Mid-Atlantic Division of the AAG – MAD

Qian Liu, Graduate Student Paper, George Mason University; Paper Title – “Cross-track Infrared Sounder Cloud Fraction Retrieval Using a Deep Neural Network”

Middle States Division of the AAG – MSDAAG

Logan Gerber-Chavez, Graduate Student Paper, University of Delaware; Paper Title – “How do we plan for compound hazards? Current state emergency plans conceptualizing modern disaster”

Eliza Leal, Undergraduate Student Paper, Colgate University; Paper Title – “Road to Reclaimation: The Impact of PGIS Efforts in the Amazon”

New England – St. Lawrence Valley – NESTVAL

Aaron Adams, Graduate Student Paper, University of Connecticut; Paper Title – “Relation between mobility, extreme weather events, and health: A case study of COVID-19 outbreaks”

Faith M. Kim, Undergraduate Student Paper, Southern Connecticut State University; Paper Title – “Racing to the polls: The voter demographics of New Haven, CT”

Southwest Division of the AAG – SWAAG

Katherine Lester, Graduate Student Paper, University of North Texas; Paper Title – “From Rurual Penalty to Suburban Resilience: Untangling the geography of suicide mortality, urbanization, and race/ethnicity”
Paul Seminara, Undergraduate Student Paper, University of Central Arkansas; Paper Title – “Identifying the Effects of Climatic and Socioeconomic Variables on the Spread of COVID-19 in Arkansas”

West Lakes Division of the AAG -WLDAAG

Austin Holland, Graduate Student Paper, University of Iowa; Paper Title – “An exploratory analysis of land cover and application of conservation easements in the US Midwest”
Jennifer Nguyen, Undergraduate Student Paper, DePaul University; Paper Title – “Chronic Illness & Energy Negotiation: Revisiting Cultural Ecology in Exploring New Avenues for Geographies of Disability”