Piash Debnath Interns at AAG for Fall Semester

Piash Debnath is a senior at George Mason University double majoring in geography and environmental and sustainabilities studies. He’s currently the geography department’s first and only learning assistant (LA). As an LA, he co-teaches an undergraduate geography class giving students exposure to and better understanding of the discipline allowing them to possibly pursue a minor or major. After graduating, he plans to pursue a masters in geographic and cartographic sciences and a graduate certificate in environmental GIS and biodiversity conservation. He hopes to work for a non-profit that utilizes GIS technology in environmental issues. Currently, he’s a member of Gamma Theta Upsilon and the president of the Bengali Patriots Association. Born and raised in Bangladesh, he wants to be able to use his skills to create maps to help protect the environment.

In his spare time he enjoys playing tennis, volunteering at Novant Prince William hospital and exploring the wilderness.