Open Access Course: Jobs, Careers, and Professional Development in Geography

Illustration of world map drawn on a chalkboard

This open-access course is designed for undergraduate and graduate students interested in exploring and preparing for a career in geography. It introduces effective strategies for career planning and professional development in geography and examines all sectors, including business, government, nonprofit, and academic organizations. Additional topics include professional ethics, lifelong learning, work-life balance, and professional networking.

Students will identify career interests, research and investigate their discoveries, and prepare job materials and professional documents based on their findings as they navigate through the 14 modules (equivalent to a 3-credit hour course). The course accommodates a wide array of career objectives for all types of aspiring geographers.

Texas State University designed this course drawing on a variety of publications, resources, interviews, and data from the American Association of Geographers (AAG). The course is available at no cost to AAG members and their students.

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