Nicholas Kristof Reflects on a Refugee’s Journey

The New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof’s recent op-ed “Mr. Trump, Meet My Family: A Refugee’s Journey, and a Message of Thanks” draws on some historical comparisons and describes his father’s experiences as he made his way from cold-war Europe to the U.S.

During AAG’s 2012 annual meeting in New York, Kristof spoke as part of a panel on Social Justice, Media, and Human Rights. The special track focused on media coverage and the use of social media’s and technology’s substantial impacts upon social justice movements and human rights abuses around the world, as well as a geographical perspective on them. The panel also featured Amnesty International’s Salil Shetty, former UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ivan Simonovic, and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson.

The theme will continue at the 2017 AAG Annual Meeting in Boston April 5-9 with Mainstreaming Human Rights in Geography and the AAG, where Noam Chomsky, David Harvey, James Hansen and many other speakers will focus on human rights at this crucial time. There will be more than 50 sessions, including 250 presentations, which will address many aspects of human rights and how we can collectively respond to challenges that lie ahead.