New Books: October 2018

Every month the AAG compiles a list of newly-published books in geography and related areas. Some are selected for review in the AAG Review of Books.

Publishers are welcome to send new volumes to the Editor-in-Chief (Kent Mathewson, Editor-in-Chief, AAG Review of BooksDepartment of Geography and Anthropology, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803).

Anyone interested in reviewing these or other titles should also contact the Editor-in-Chief.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to current public health policies which have prompted the closing of most offices, we are unable to access incoming books at this time. We are working on a solution during this transition and will continue our new books processing as soon as we can. In the meantime, please feel free to peruse previous books from our archived lists.

October 2018

Adventures in Archaeology: The Wreck of the Orca II & Other Exportations by P. J. Capelotti (University Press of Florida 2018)

American Tropics: The Caribbean Roots of Biodiversity Science by Megan Raby (University of North Carolina Press 2017)

Anarchy and Geography: Reclus and Kropotkin in the UK by Federico Ferretti (Routledge 2018)

Atlas of the World, Twenty-Fifth Edition by Oxford (Oxford University Press 2018)

Edges, Fringes, Frontiers: Integral Ecology, Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainability in Guyanaby Thomas Henfrey (Berghahn Books 2018)

Eurasian Environments: Nature and Ecology in Imperial Russian and Soviet History by Nicholas Breyfogle (ed.) (University of Pittsburgh 2018)

Garbage Citizenship: Vital Infrastructures of Labor in Dakar, Senegal by Rosalind Fredericks (Duke University Press 2018)

Here and There: A Fire Survey by Stephen J. Pyne (University of Arizona Press 2018)

Imagining the Atacama Desert: A Five-Hundred-Year Journey of Discovery by Richard Francaviglia (The University of Utah Press 2018)

Inevitably Toxic Historical Perspectives on Contamination Exposure, and Expertise by Brinda Sarathy, Janet Brodie, and Vivien Hamilton (eds.) (University of Pittsburgh Press 2018)

The Life of Plants: A Metaphysics of Mixture by Emanuele Coccia (Polity Books 2018)

A Million Years of Music: The Emergence of Human Modernity by Gary Tomlinson (Zone Books 2015)

Mining the Borderlands: Industry, Capital, and the Emergence of Engineers in the Southwest Territories, 1855-1910 by Sarah E. M. Grossman (University of Nevada Press 2018)

Opium’s Long Shadow: From Asian Revolt to Global Drug Controlby Steffen Rimner (Harvard University Press 2018)

Origins and Destinations: The Making of the Second Generationby Renee Reichl, Luthra Thomas, and Soehl Roger Waldinger (Russell Sage Foundation 2018)

Powerful Places in the Ancient Andes by Justin Jennings and Edward R. Swenson (eds.) (University of New Mexico Press 2018)

Slavery and Social Death: A Comparative Study, With a New Preface by Orlando Patterson (Harvard University Press 2018)

Urgency in the Anthropocene by Amanda H. Lynch and Siri Veland (The MIT Press 2018)