New Books for Geographers: Summer 2022

Summer scene with butterfly, flowers and grass with sun in background

The AAG compiles a quarterly list of newly published geography books and books of interest to geographers. The list includes a diversity of books that represents the breadth of the discipline (including key sub-disciplines), but also recognizes the work which takes place at the margins of geography and overlap with other disciplines. While academic texts make up most of the books, we also include popular books, novels, books of poetry, and books published in languages other than English, for example.

Some of these books are selected for review in the AAG Review of Books. Publishers are welcome to contact the AAG Review of Books Editor-in-Chief Debbie Hopkins, as well as anyone interested in reviewing these or other titles.

Agrifood System Transitions in Brazil: New Food Orders by Paulo André Niederle and Valdemar João Wesz Junior (Routledge 2022)

The Americas: An Encyclopedia of Culture and Society by Kimberly J. Morse (ABC-CLIO, August 2022)

Atlantic Passages: Race, Mobility, and Liberian Colonization by Robert Murrat (University press of Florida 2021)

The Begging Question: Sweden’s Social Responses to the Roma Destitute by Erik Hansson, foreword by Don Mitchell (University of Nevada Press 2022)

Beyond the Megacity: New Dimensions of Peripheral Urbanization in Latin America Edited by Nadine Reis and Michael Lukas (University of Toronto Press 2022)

Boots on the Ground: Disaster Response in Canada by Johanu Botha (University of Toronto Press 2022)

The City Unbound by Christof Parnreiter (Agenda Publishing, February 2023)

Climate Change in Popular Culture A Warming World in the American Imagination by James Craig Holte (ABC-CLIO, June 2022)

Colonial Geography: Race and Space in German East Africa, 1884–1905 by Matthew Unangst (University of Toronto Press 2022)

The Cultural Infrastructure of Cities Edited by Alison Bain, Julie A. Podmore (Agenda Publishing, April 2023)

Digital (In)justice in the Smart City Edited by Debra Mackinnon, Ryan Burns and Victoria Fast (University of Toronto Press 2023)

The Domestication of Human Trafficking: Law, Policing, and Prosecution in Canada by Katrin Roots (University of Toronto Press 2023)

Energy Crises: Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Hard Choices in the 1970s by Jay Hakes (University of Okahoma Press 2021)

Evolving Regional Economies: Resources, Specialization, Globalization by Martin Henning (Agenda Publishing, January 2022)

Exploring World History through Geography: From the Cradle of Civilization to a Globalized World by Julie Crea Dunbar (ABC-CLIO, October 2022)

Food Shortage Crisis: Origins and Global Impact by Dawn M. Drake (ABC-CLIO, November 2023)

Galápagos: An Encyclopedia of Geography, History, and Culture by Randy Moore (ABC-CLIO, January 2021)

The Geographies of African American Short Fiction by Kenton Rambsy (University of Mississippi Press 2022)

A Geography of Economic Evolution by Ron Martin and Peter Sunley (Agenda Publishing, June 2023)

Global Health: Geographical Connections by Anthony C. Gatrell (Agenda Publishing, November 2023)

Global Migration, Gender, and Health Professional Credentials: Transnational Value Transfers and Losses edited by Margaret Walton-Roberts (University of Toronto Press 2022)

How to Save the City: A Guide for Emergency Action by Paul Chatterton (Agenda Publishing, September 2023)

The Integration Nation: Immigration and Colonial Power in Liberal Democracies by Adrian Favell (Wiley-Blackwell 2022)

Inventing Greenland: Designing an Arctic Nation by Bert De Jonghe (Actar, March 2022)

Islands and Cultures: How Pacific Islands Provide Paths toward Sustainability by Kamanamaikalani Beamer, Te Maire Tau and Peter M. Vitousek (Yale University Press 2022)

Justice at Work: The Rise of Economic and Racial Justice Coalitions in Cities by Marc Doussard and Greg Schrock  (University of Minnesota Press 2022)

Knowing Manchuria: Environments, the Senses, and Natural Knowledge on an Asian Borderland by Ruth Rogaski (University of Chicago Press 2022)

Labour Regimes and Global Production Edited by Elena Baglioni, Liam Campling, Neil M. Coe, Adrian Smith (Agenda Publishing, January 2022)

London by Mike Raco and Frances Brill (Agenda Publishing, July 2022)

London: Geography, History, and Culture by Victoria R. Williams (ABC-CLIO, January 2022)

Mapping Historical Las Vegas: A Cartographic Journey by Joe Weber (University of Nevada Press 2022)

Mexico City: Geography, History, and Culture by James D. Huck Jr. (ABC-CLIO, August 2023)

Nation’s Metropolis: The Economy, Politics, and Development of the Washington Region by Dr. Royce Hanson (University of Pennsylvania Press 2023)

A Natural History of Transition by Callum Angus (AK Press, April 2021)

The Nature of Data: Infrastructures, Environments, Politics edited by Jenny Goldstein and Eric Nost (University of Nevada Press 2022)

New York by Jill S. Gross and H.V. Savitch (Agenda Publishing, October 2022)

Organic Food and Farming: A Reference Handbook by Shauna M. McIntyre (ABC-CLIO, March 2021)

Punishing Places: The Geography of Mass Imprisonment by Jessica T. Simes (University of California Press 2021)

Settling the Boom: The Sites and Subjects of Bakken Oil edited by Mary E. Thomas and Bruce Braun (University of Minnesota Press 2022)

State Oddities: An Encyclopedia of What Makes Our United States Unique by Nancy Hendricks (ABC-CLIO, May 2022)

Strategic Urbanism: The Contested Value of the Urban by Sami Moisio and Ugo Rossi (Agenda Publishing September 2023)

Streetcars and the Shifting Geographies of Toronto: A Visual Analysis of Change by Brian Doucet and Michael Doucet (University of Toronto Press 2022)

Sustainability, Citizen Participation, and City Governance: Interdisciplinary Perspectives edited by Hoi L. Kong and Tanya Monforte (University of Toronto Press 2022)

Sustainable Planet: Issues and Solutions for Our Environment’s Future by Barbara J. McNicol (ABC-CLIO, April 2021)

Terra-Sorta-Firma: Reclaiming the Littoral Gradient by Fadi Masoud (Actar, March 2021)

Transecting Securityscapes: Dispatches from Cambodia, Iraq, and Mozambique by Till F. Paasche and James Derrick Sidaway (University of Georgia Press 2021)

Unless: The Seagram Building Construction Ecology by Kiel Moe (Actar, January 2021)

Urban Cascadia and the Pursuit of Environmental Justice edited by Nik Janos and Corina McKendry (University of Washington Press 2021)