Michael Camponovo – GIS Outreach Coordinator, Tennessee

Photo of Michael Camponovo, courtesy EsriPosition: GIS Outreach Coordinator, Geography Department, University of Tennessee Knoxville

What was your favorite class in K-12? Survey of Literature with Gloria Oster at Sullivan South High School. I always liked to read but she introduced me to so many new authors and literary styles.

How did you first learn about and/or use GIS? I was an undergraduate student at TN Technological University in Cookeville, TN studying Soil Science and my advisor said I should take “one of those computer mapping classes” as an elective. I haven’t stopped learning about GIS since then.

Name one thing you love about GIS and/or geography: I love the interdisciplinary nature of GIS, I have the opportunity to work with so many talented professionals and researchers to help them answer questions and solve problems that I otherwise would never know existed.

Why did you want to volunteer as a GeoMentor? I want young people in Tennessee to know that geography and GIS are a viable career path that lead to a lot challenging and engaging opportunities.

If someone asked you why they should learn about GIS and/or geography, how would you respond in one sentence? Everything happens somewhere.