Martin Glassner

1932 - 2010

Martin Glassner, 78, (1932-2010) was born in Plainfield, New Jersey. He served in the U.S. Armed Forces, and took degrees at Syracuse University (1953); California State University, Fullerton (1964); and, subsequently, a doctorate at the Claremont Graduate School. He was American Vice Consul in Kingston, Jamaica, 1960-1962, and Antofogasta, Chile, 1962-1963. Glassner joined the Geography Department at Southern Connecticut State University in 1968, retiring in 1995 after teaching a variety of courses, sitting on committees, and, for some of the time, chairing the Department. While in situ he was recipient of the Faculty Scholar Award, and was installed as a Connecticut State University Professor. His specialty was political geography with special reference to the significance of landlocked states. He worked for the United Nations in both Asia and Africa, focusing on landlocked states, transit to the sea, boundaries, development and international law. Glassner’s interest in Latin America resulted in membership on the Board of the Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers. Among his publications are Access to the Sea for Developing Land-Locked States (1971), Bibliography on Land-Locked States (1980), Systematic Political Geography (1980) and Neptune’s Domain: A Political Geography of the Sea (1990).

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