Karl Stacey

1909 - 2006

Karl Stacey, emeritus professor of geography at Kansas State University (K-State), died at his home in Topeka on June 14, 2006. He was ninety-seven.

Stacey earned his BA in geography from the University of Colorado, and was a student at the University of Zurich in 1938-39. He received his PhD from Clark University.

Karl Stacey was the pioneer geographer at K-State, starting in the 1943-44 academic year. He served as an officer in Europe during WWII, returning to K-State in 1947. Stacey was part of the faculty when the word “geography” first appeared in the 1951-52 K-State catalogue along with “geology” in the department title. He was on the faculty when the stand-alone Department of Geography was created in 1970, with Dr. Siddall as head. Stacey taught courses in economic, political, and regional geography. His research interest was energy policy. Stacey was a visiting professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology 1956-57 and Australia National University 1967-68. He retired from Kansas State University in 1974.

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