John Winberry

- 2012

Geographer John Winberry died on March 8, 2012.

Winberry earned a PhD from Louisiana State University in 1971. He spent his entire professional career at the University of South Carolina, where he taught cultural geography and regional geography courses from 1971 until his retirement in 2004. Winberry served as Chair of the Geography Department from 1990-1993, and Associate Dean of the Graduate School from 1999-2002. At various times, he also served as Director of Graduate Studies for the Geography Department, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Acting Director of the Latin American Studies Program, Assistant to the Director of the Walker Institute of International Studies, and Associate Dean of the Graduate School. He retired in 2004 as Distinguished Professor Emeritus.

Winberry was known for his passion in researching and teaching across the broad field of geography, which took him to Mexico, India, England, Ireland and Brazil. His U.S. research concentrated on the American South. He co-wrote the college-level textbook South Carolina: A Geography, and his 75 published writings reflect a wide range of interests, including log houses in Mexico, the kudzu vine in the U.S. South, the culture of indigo in South Carolina, sea turtle farming in the Cayman Islands, Confederate monuments in courthouse squares, and even an examination of varieties of South Carolina barbecue. He participated in local organizations, notably the Loblolly Society, The Thomas Cooper Society, and the Torch Club’s Columbia chapter.

Winberry was editor of the Southeastern Geographer (1988-1991) and earned theSoutheastern Division of the Association of American Geographers (SEDAAG)Outstanding Service Award for LifetimeAchievement in 2001.

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