Hans-Georg Bohle

AAG member Hans-Georg Bohle has passed away at the age of 66. Relevant in the field of human geography, he will be remembered by all that he taught, advised, and worked alongside. Hans attended the University of Göttingen and received his PhD in 1979, doing research on the Green Revolution in the Cauvery River Delta of southern India.

Hans held various academic positions including professor of cultural geography at the University of Freiburg (1989-1995), professor of geography of South Asia at the University of Heidelberg (1995-2004), and chair and professor of cultural geography and development geography at Bonn University (2004-2013). He retired in 2013.

He has published a variety of work, twelve monographs, eighty scientific journal articles, and sixty book chapters. He was also on the Steering Committee of Global Environmental Change  and Human Security (GECHS) and was on the International Scientific Advisory Board of Global Environmental Change and Food Systems (GECAFS), as well as a member of Academia Europaea and the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina.

His research was focused on social vulnerability, specifically of people in critical regions. Interested primarily in food, water, and health, Hans sought to find explanations of the socio-spatial production of poverty and exclusion in the Global South and to identify people’s potentialities for human security and a life of self-determination, freedom, and dignity. He has been a fundamental contributor to risk and hazard research and has done work in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Chad, Sudan, Ghana, and Egypt. He will be remembered.