George Carter

- 2004

Geographer George F. Carter died March 16, 2004.

Carter earned his A.B. in anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, and then worked as curator of anthropology at the San Diego Museum of Man (1934-38). In 1942 he earned his Ph.D. in geography under Carol O. Sauer at the University of California, Berkeley.

Carter served as an analyst for the Office of Strategic Services (1942-43, 1945), before entering academia definitively. He taught from 1943-67 in the Isaiah Bowman Department of Geography at the Johns Hopkins University (where he was chair 1944-58) and afterward as Distinguished Professor Geography at Texas A&M University until his retirement in 1978.

Carter was a noted scholar in the field of early transoceanic spreads of culture and “Early Man” in America.

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