David Frost

1943 - 2005

David Frost, a Concordia University geography professor, died May 25.

Born in England in 1943, he graduated from McGill with BSc and MSc degrees in geography. In the 1960s McGill had major research interests in the Caribbean, and he worked in climatology projects on the islands and Guyana. He went to Birmingham University for his PhD to pursue his interests in the microclimatology of agricultural crops in the tropics.

After working at Queen Mary College, London, and the University of Regina, he joined Sir George Williams University in 1972 as an assistant professor, and within six months he was Chair of the Geography Department (1973-79).

He served in this capacity again from 1991-94, and as chair of the Geology Department from 1995-98. From 1984-85 he was Assistant Dean – Division II of the newly created Faculty of Arts and Science. He also sat on the Board of Governors (1989-92), and was President of Concordia University Faculty Association at the time of his death.

He had a keen sense of the discipline’s relevance to current issues, and his early interest in computer techniques was crucial in spearheading the Geography Department’s development of Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Frost became an AAG member in 1973 and was also a long-time member of the New England-St Lawrence Valley Geographical Society, having served over the years as its President and Canadian representative.

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