Hannah Deindorfer Interns at AAG for Summer Semester

Hannah Deindorfer is a senior at Michigan State University pursuing a B.A. in Geography with a double minor in Geographic Information Systems and English. Her areas of interest include geographic education and human and environment interaction, with a focus in agriculture, ecology, and tourism. After graduation, she is interested in working on research projects for a government or non-profit organization, or in the education sector on issues of her specific areas of study. Her future aspirations also include ongoing education, earning either a Masters or Ph.D. in Geography.

Here at AAG, she has been involved with a variety of AAG staff on a number of projects, including formatting and preparing hundreds of entries for the new, online-only Guide to Geography Programs in the Americas, and sorting and cataloging unique Geographers on Film archival materials. She is also involved with staff on a literature review for a disaster-management grant that AAG leads.

In her spare time, she enjoys a number of competitive activities, including running, swimming, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a type of martial arts.