Specialty Group

Regional Development and Planning

To encourage and promote research, teaching, service and communication among members of the group; to publish and distribute newsletters twice a year featuring upcoming activities and other items of interest. Organize special sessions or events at AAG meetings.

Regular: $3
Student: $1

Gargi Chaudhuri
University of Wisconsin La Crosse
Email: gchaudhuri@uwlax.edu

Vice Chair
Han Li
University of Miami
Email: han.li@miami.edu

Hao Huang
Illinois Institute of Technology
Email: hhuang48@iit.edu

Chair of Honors Committee
Haifeng (Felix) Lao
University of Idaho
Email: hliao@uidaho.edu

Director of Developed Countries

Student Representative
Ning Xiong
University of Utah
Email: u1269800@utah.edu

Geography Essentials, Planning and Development, Spatial Narratives

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