Specialty Group

Queer and Trans Geographies

The mission of the Queer and Trans Geographies Specialty Group is to:

A) support and encourage scholars and scholarship working with a range of intersectional theoretical approaches and empirical orientations to gender, sexuality, queerness, and transness, including critical race, Indigenous, Black including Black radical traditions, Latinx, trans, queer, disability, feminist, multi-species, postcolonial and other approaches within and beyond geography.
B) promote the exchange of ideas and information about theoretical, pedagogical, and methodological work and interests on topics relating to queer and trans studies/theories, gender, and sexuality within and beyond geography.
C) provide an intellectual environment that recognizes the diverse identities, bodies of scholarship and community ties that define our membership.
D) sustain an environment that is committed to creating a more just world and transforming academic institutions through meaningful practices of solidarity across experiences of marginalization, oppression and inequality, both within and beyond the institution of the AAG.



Regular: $8
Student: $5



Julian Barr
PhD Candidate
University of Washington Seattle
Email: qtgsgcochairs@gmail.com

Edgar Sandoval Ph.D.
University of Washington Seattle
Email: qtgsgcochairs@gmail.com

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Geography Essentials, Planning and Development, Spatial Narratives

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