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Media and Communication Geography

The Media and Communication Geography Specialty Group aims to provide a forum for intellectual exchange between geographers studying media and communication issues within a political, economic, or cultural geography framework as well as geographers studying communication technologies and infrastructure. Our mission statement reads: The Media and Communication Specialty Group of the AAG strives to enhance geographic research and scholarship on matters relating to media and communication by: (a) encouraging the exchange of ideas among geographers studying technical, social, economic, political, and/or cultural aspects of media and communication, (b) promoting research in topics related to media and communication contexts (infrastructure and institutions) and content (discourses, texts, and images), (c) encouraging reflection on the communicational role and social mission of geographers both in and out of the classroom. In doing so, we support the AAG’s mission of advancing professional studies in geography and encouraging the application of geographic research in education, government, and business.



Regular: $5
Student: $1



Acting Chair:
Paul Adams, University of Texas at Austin, paul.adams@austin.utexas.edu

Communications Director:
Valentina Albanese, University of Insubria, ve.albanese@uninsubria.it

Geography Essentials, Planning and Development, Spatial Narratives

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