Specialty Group

Digital Geographies

Supports scholarship and pedagogy that further understandings of myriad ways that digital objects and digital practices produce space, place, and spatial relations, seeking to coalesce a diverse community of scholars whose work centers the digital as object, subject and/or medium of geographical thought, analysis and/or praxis.



Regular Members: $10
Student: $1



Chair: Eric Robsky Huntley
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Email: ehuntley@mit.edu

Vice Chair: Ryan Burns
University of Calgary
Email: ryan.burns1@ucalgary.ca

Secretary/Treasurer: Will Payne
Rutgers University
Email: will.b.payne@rutgers.edu

At Large Board Members:
Emma Fraser
Lancaster University (UC Berkeley from July 2021)
Email: e.fraser1@lancaster.ac.uk

Muriel Marseille,
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Student Board Members
Emily Barrett
Vanderbilt University
Email: emily.barrett@vanderbilt.edu

Michael McCanless
Email: michael.j.mccanless@gmail.com

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Changing Human Populations, Networks and Connections, Planning and Development

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