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The Cartography Specialty Group mission is to encourage cartographic research, promote education in cartography and map use, and facilitate the exchange of ideas and information about cartography, promote interest in and correct utilization of maps and other cartographic products, promote and facilitate the cartographer’s role within the geographic profession, promote and coordinate activities and directions with other professional organizations involved with cartography.


Regular: $10
Student: $2


Chair (2022-2023): Alexander (Sasha) Savelyev savelyev137@gmail.com
Vice-Chair (2022-2023): Jack Swab jswab@uky.edu
Secretary/Treasurer (2022-2023, Interim): Jiayan Zhao jiayan.zhao@gess.ethz.ch
Academic Director (2022-2024): Jiayan Zhao jiayan.zhao@gess.ethz.ch
Academic Director (2021-2023): Stephanie Deitrick Stephanie.Deitrick@asu.edu
Non-Academic Director (2021-2023): Jacob Wasilkowski jwasilkowski@esri.com
Student Director (2022-2023): Gabriella Smith Gabriella.SubiaSmith@colorado.edu
Past Chair (2022-2023): Xinyue Ye xinyue.ye@tamu.edu
Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair (2022-2023): David Retchless retchled@tamug.edu

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