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Caribbean Geography

The Caribbean Geography Specialty Group (CGSG) brings together a diverse community of researchers and practitioners interested in the nations and territories within and bordering the Caribbean Sea, the Caribbean diasporas, and the characteristics of the Caribbean as a region, including its historical and current interdependencies.

The CGSG seeks to: (a) promote the study of the political, socio-cultural, historical, economic, physical, and ecological aspects of Caribbean societies in the field of geography; (b) encourage critical reflection on the issues, processes, intrinsic qualities, and interconnections that shape Caribbean societies and environments; (c) provide a platform for exchanging research, teaching, and mentorship ideas among Caribbean scholars; and (d) build greater ties between the discipline of geography and interdisciplinary studies including, but not limited to: Development Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Race & Ethnic Studies, Climate Change Studies, Environmental Studies, and Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies.


Regular: $8
Student: $1


Alex Moulton
The University of Tennesee, Knoxville
Email: amoulto3@utk.edu

Marion Warner
University at Buffalo

Social media

Twitter: @aagcaribbean

Geography Essentials, Networks and Connections, Spatial Narratives

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