GeoHumanities Guidelines for Final Submission of Accepted Manuscripts

Please carefully review these instructions, the Style Sheet, and the Graphics Guidelines before submitting the final version of your accepted manuscript. Publication will be delayed for papers that do not meet the criteria laid out in these guidelines. If you have any queries, please contact the Managing Editor at

Authors whose manuscripts have been accepted for publication should electronically submit the final version of their accepted manuscript via Scholar One Manuscripts.

Text Materials

The written portion of the manuscript should be submitted according to the format outlined in the Style Sheet. Authors should use Microsoft Word and utilize common type styles such as Times New Roman or Helvetica (12 point). The title page (including full author names, affiliations, Countries), abstract and key words, main text, end notes, references, author biographies (including full author names, contact information, and a brief biography), list of figure captions, and appendix should be saved as one file. Figures should not be embedded in the text file. All tables should be uploaded separately in a single word file.

Practices and Curations

If your manuscript is for the Practices and Curations section, the abstract will not appear in the journal itself; it will only be used for the publisher database. However, if your piece does not have an introduction, please consider how to contextualize it via another route (for example, a poems may be proceeded by a short introduction about what inspired it and when it was written). If you would like to use your abstract as the introduction, please include it twice in the main text file, first under the heading “Abstract”, and then again under the heading “Introduction”.

Graphic Materials

All graphic materials should be submitted electronically via ScholarOne Manuscripts in accordance with the Graphics Guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines may delay the publication of your article. Please contact Stephen Hanna, the journal’s Cartography Editor, at with questions about figures. Authors can submit as many color figures as they wish; these will be published in the online version of the journal, but the Editors may impose a limit on the number published in the print version.

For articles with more creative content, authors can submit a ‘mock-up’ of their vision for how the piece should be laid out. This can be done in a variety of programs, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, to create a PDF file, or brief instructions for layout can be noted in a Word file. The ‘mock-up’ file should be uploaded with the final figure files. The typesetters will endeavor to reproduce the desired layout and visual effect. For further details, please contact the Managing Editor at


Authors must sign an Author Publishing Agreement with Taylor & Francis before their paper can be published. In accordance with copyright law, the manuscript must not duplicate substantial portions of previously published material. If a manuscript incorporates previously published material (in the form of text, tables, or figures), the author is responsible for obtaining written permission from the holder of the copyright and for any costs associated with the use of the copyrighted materials.

Open Access

After completing the Author Publishing Agreement with Taylor & Francis, authors will receive information about options for publishing their paper as open access.