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Become an AAG Developing Regions Member

The AAG has long advocated interacting with and providing support to geographers and other colleagues from developing regions of the world. In this spirit we have established the Developing Regions Membership Program. Geographers, professionals, and students in related disciplines who reside in these eligible countries, and have an annual income of less than US $25,000, may join the AAG at the deeply discounted rate of $20 per year.

Those who join through this program receive the full range of benefits of AAG membership, including online access to Annals of the American Association of GeographersThe Professional GeographerAAG Review of BooksGeoHumanities, optional email subscription to the monthly AAG Newsletter, optional membership in up to six of the AAG Specialty and Affinity Groups, reduced AAG event registration fees, reduced membership fees for affiliated international geography societies, as well as other advantages.