Ansel Lundberg Interns at AAG for Fall Semester

Ansel Lundberg is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Barbara working on a B.A. in geography and English. His interests include geographic information systems, urban and transportation geography, and environmental literary criticism and theory. After graduating, he is interested in living and working in an American city for a few years, and eventually returning to university. He plans to work towards a master’s in public administration or to teach high school English. With his degrees, he hopes to incorporate processes of time and place into better managing municipalities and regional governments so that all citizens have fair access to resources no matter their location.

As an intern at the AAG this fall, he will be working on the Association’s guide to geography programs and various Eye on Earth projects to better utilize environmental data from national governmental agencies

When he’s not at work or studying, he enjoys reading American literature, enjoying craft beer, and backpacking.