Become an Advertiser, Sponsor or Exhibitor with AAG


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You will be invoiced and will receive your confirmation letter by email to the email address provided above.

COMPANY LOGO: I agree to submit my company logo to the sponsorship manager via email within 1 business week of signing the sponsorship agreement. If my company logo changes at any point, I will notify the sponsorship manager immediately and send the new logo. Due to production time of certain items, if a logo change occurs it is not guaranteed that the item can be printed with the new logo. Please check with the sponsorship manager for individual items’ production times.


Sponsorships: No refunds due to sponsorship cancellation will be granted. Sponsor will be obligated to pay any outstanding balance due on sponsorship as outlined in the sponsor application.

Authorization: All applications must be signed in order to confirm sponsorship reservations. By signing, we agree to abide by all rules and regulations as printed on the Sponsorship Rules and Regulations document.AAG reserves the right to restrict who may sponsor at the conference and prohibit activities that it deems inappropriate or unprofessional. In addition, AAG reserves the right to prohibit any company, association, or entity from sponsoring at the conference that has products or services that compete with the products and services AAG provides. If found in violation, a sponsor may be asked to leave the conference and no refund will be provided.