The AAG receives numerous requests for data related to geography and geographers. Often such requests come from members who are doing research on the discipline, or who are interested in knowing, for example, the proportion of women who hold the rank of associate professor or the average value of a graduate student assistantship.

Academic departments also frequently contact the AAG seeking data that will inform a program review, support an application to establish a new degree program, or help them make a case to prospective majors interested in career opportunities in geography. It is also common for the AAG to receive inquiries from journalists and the general public about the status of geographic literacy in K-12 schools or enrollment trends in higher education.

The AAG has been able to respond to these many requests for data thanks to its multiple ongoing data collection efforts involving members, departments, and special research surveys. Over the past decade this work has generated a considerable amount of data and content across the entire AAG website.

In an effort to consolidate and facilitate access to all of the disciplinary data collected by the AAG, a new AAG Disciplinary Data Dashboard was created on the AAG website at

The Dashboard provides access to a diverse array of AAG-collected disciplinary data on gender and diversity, academic departments, geography careers, and AAG Annual Meetings, as well as archival information and materials available in the AAG Archives held at the Library of Congress. All of the data is searchable by source or by theme (e.g., geography in schools, gender, race and ethnicity, etc.).

In addition to raw data collected from AAG membership forms, academic department surveys, and other AAG research projects, the Dashboard includes original analytical reports featuring narrative summaries and data visualizations that provide quick overviews of major trends and patterns. Additional reports are currently being prepared by AAG staff and will be posted to the Dashboard in the coming months.

Visitors to the Dashboard will also find links to many third-party sources of disciplinary data produced by external organizations, as well as updated lists of journal articles and other research publications about geography as a discipline.

The AAG invites all members to explore the AAG Disciplinary Data Dashboard. We welcome your comments and suggestions at data [at] aag [dot] org.