AAG’s Graphic Identity

Color palette

AAG’s main colors are dark blue, red and gold. The primary dark blue is the predominant anchor in our website and other graphic identities with the gold acting as a secondary accent—usually as text or decoration when dark blue is used as a background color. The presence of red indicates action and is used for CTAs across the site, as well as within the Advocacy section.

 Dark blue  Primary color (used on headlines, etc.) #052A47
 Gold (tan)  Secondary color (used on dark blue background) #C7A98C
 Raspberry red  Action color (used sparingly for CTAs, etc.) #E44A50

Type usage

AAG uses two font families: PT Serif and Open Sans. PT Serif is most often used for dominant headlines of various sizes, while Open Sans is used for subheads and body text. Both can be used for graphics, depending on style.

PT Serif

Open Sans

 H1  Page hero, post headline  PT Serif
 H2, H3  Page/post headings, subheadings  PT Serif
 H4  White bold heading  Open Sans
 H5  Sans serif subheads, etc.  Open Sans
 H6  All caps red/white heading for labels  Open Sans
 P  Sans serif paragraph text  Open Sans
 Red-large  CTA large red button  Open Sans
 Red-small  CTA small red button  Open Sans
 Text-CTA-red  CTA red text with arrow  Open Sans

Logo styles

AAG’s graphic identity includes the Berghaus Star as its seal. This map projection was incorporated as the AAG logo in 1911. The font used within the logo is Trajan Pro. The logo is displayed in various ways:

AAG logo seal


AAG seal

Includes AAG’s full name, founding year and Berghaus Star within a circle.

AAG logo seal with acronym



Displays the AAG seal and the acronym.

AAG logo seal with acronym and full name


Full name

Includes the AAG seal, acronym and full name.


Organizations must request permission before using any form of AAG’s logo. When submitting a request, please include your intention for use, as well as where you plan to use it (digital, print, large signage, etc.). We will provide the appropriate logo once we grant approval.


Request to use the AAG logo