2022 AAG Specialty and Affinity Group Awards

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  • The AAG’s 75 interest-based specialty groups and eight affinity groups recognize their members accomplishments over the course of the year. Following are the awardees within each group for 2022:

Africa Specialty Group

Graduate Research Award, Matthieu Ahouangbenon, University of Delaware, Promoting climate smart agriculture within the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS): A mixed approach based on smallholder farmers inputs, in the context of climate change

Kwadwo Konadu-Agyemang Distinguished Scholar Award, Aondover Tarhule, Illinois State University

Animal Geographies Specialty Group

Graduate Student Presentation Award, Sarah-Maude Cossette, Observing each other: A multispecies fieldwork experience into the city interstices

Asian Geography Specialty Group

Graduate Student Paper Award, Xiaofeng Liu, University of Hong Kong

Graduate Student Research Fellowship

  • Olivia Meyer, University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa
  • Mei-Huan Chen, Pennsylvania State University

Biogeography Specialty Group

Henry Cowles Excellence in Publication Award, Grant Elliott, University of Missouri

James J. Parsons Distinguished Career Award, Lori Daniels, University of British Columbia

Student Presentation Competition

  • Jared Crain, University of Tennessee Knoxville Department of Geography, Classifying Microscopic Charcoal Morphology to Improve Understanding of Fire History in Sediment Records from Neotropical Lakes (Master’s)
  • Julie Edwards, University of Arizona School of Geography, Development, and Environment, Multiple climate signals in quantitative wood anatomical measurements of Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine (Ph.D.)

Student Grant Proposal, Corey Aldred, University of Missouri – Columbia, Department of Geography, Threshold-induced establishment declines from intensifying drought stress at upper treeline in Southern Rocky Mountains (M.S. – 1st place)

Student Research Grant Proposal, Anaïs Zimmer, The University of Texas at Austin, Human environmental interactions in the deglaciating Alps and Tropical Andes (Ph.D.)

Student Research Award

  • Corey Aldred, University of Missouri, Threshold-induced establishment declines from intensifying drought stress at upper treeline in Southern Rocky Mountains (Master’s)
  • Anais Zimmer, University of Texas-Austin, Human environmental interactions in the deglaciating Alps and Tropical Andes (Ph.D.)

James J. Parsons Award for Lifetime Achievement in Biogeography, Lori Daniels, University of British Columbia

Henry C. Cowles Award for Best Biogeography Publication, Grant Elliot, University of Missouri, Hotter Drought as a Disturbance at Upper Treeline in the Southern Rocky Mountains

Caribbean Geography Specialty Group

Courtney Russell Award

  • Kristinia Doughorty, University of the West Indies, Mona, Assessing the socio-ecological resilience of nutmeg agroecosystems in Grenada
  • -Aleem Mahabir, University of the West Indies, Mona, Alternative domains of injustice: Exploring hope(lessness) and psychosocial resilience among residents of an excluded urban community

Cartography Specialty Group

Student Guided Poster Competition

  • Aiyin Zhang
  • Caleb Winebrenner
  • Lily Houtman

Master’s Grant, Lindsey Rotche, Human-centered avalanche risk mapping

Master’s Thesis Research Grant, Beatrice Abbott

Travel Grant for Underrepresented Groups

  • Caleb Winebrenner
  • Terra McKee

China Specialty Group

Annual Student Paper Awards

  • Mengdi Wu, The University of Hong Kong (winner)
  • Guanchi Zhang, Harvard Law School, The territorial foundation of China’s market transition (runner up)
  • Guannan Zou, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The return of the proactive state? State roles in relation to firms in local development driven by innovative industries (runner up)

Outstanding Service Awards

  • Fulong Wu, University College London; His scholarship is world-class and he has significantly advanced the visibility of China research within and far beyond the geography discipline.
  • Carolyn Cartier, University of Technology Sydney; She is an early chair of China Specialty Group and an excellent author of many high-impact books and articles on China.

Climate Specialty Group

Lifetime Achievement Award, Lesley-Ann Dupigny Giroux

John Russell Mather Paper of the Year, Yuechun Wang, Observed Influence of Soil Moisture on the North American Monsoon: An Assessment Using the Stepwise Generalized Equilibrium Feedback Assessment Method

Student Paper Competition

  • Julie Edwards (1st place)
  • Ben Weinger, UCLA (2nd place)
  • Ye Mu (3rd place)

Coastal and Marine Specialty Group

Norbert Psuty Student Paper Competition Winner, Robin Fail, Duke University, Possibilities for Centering Equity in Mariculture Development

Cultural and Political Ecology

Distinguished Career Award, Nancy Peluso

Field Study Award

  • Rachel Noel Arney
  • Emily Christina Melvin

Outstanding Publication Award, Adam M. Romero, University of Washington Bothell, Economic Poisoning: Industrial Waste and the Chemicalization of American Agriculture

Scholar-Activist Award, Samuel Kay, The Housing Spectrum, Temperature Extremes, and the Costs of Survival: A needs assessment for Unhoused Neighbors and Low-Income Renters

Student Paper Award, Nicole Van Lier, Reproductive Rationalities: Managing Industrial Water Appropriation and White Settler Authority in the St Clair-Detroit River Corridor, 1945-72

Cultural Geography Specialty Group

CGSG Adjunct Award

  • Elizabeth Nelson, Montana State University
  • Jacquelyn Johnston, Florida International University

Denis E. Cosgrove Research Grant

  • Kaitlin Stewart, University of North Texas – Department of Geography and the Environment, How receiving communities structure refugee settlement experiences: the case of Burmese immigrants in DFW (M.A.)
  • Ingrid Diaz, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Geography, Feminizing plantation landscapes: Women, labor, and oil palm plantations in the Llanos of Colombia (Ph.D.)

CyberInfrastructure Specialty Group

CISG Robert Raskin Student Competition

  • Yuqin Jiang, University of South Carolina, Event Detection Method with Principal Component Analysis Based Sensor Placement (1st place)
  • Diya Li, Texas A&M University, A Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure for Street Level Flood Mapping and Emergency Management (2nd place)
  • Rebecca Vandewalle, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Synergizing High-Performance Computing and Network Science for Scalable Agent-Based Modeling of Human-Environment Interactions (3rd place)
  • Rajneesh Sharma, University of Georgia, A Smart-Sensing Based Cyberinfrastructure for Monitoring Belowground Soil Organic Carbon in Tidal Wetlands (4th place)
  • Yu Lan, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, A web-based geographic framework for detecting and visualizing space-time clusters of infectious diseases: Using COVID-19 data in the United States as an example (4th place)

Development Geographies

Gary Gaile Travel Award

  • Siera Vercillo
  • Sujayita Bhattacharjee

Digital Geography

Graduate Student Paper Award

  • Jacob Saindon, University of Kentucky, Towards care-ful distraction: digital well-being and a politics of care during pandemic lockdowns in the U.S.
  • Ashley Hernandez, University of California, Irvine, The hood is not for sale: Collective Identity and Hood Solidarity in the Gentrification Debate in Boyle Heights and Beyond
  • Isaac Rivera, University of Washington, Department of Geography, Undoing Settler Imaginaries, Re-Imagining Digital Knowledge Politics

Racial Justice Research Award, Emma Gaalaas Mullaney, National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Community Sustainability College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Michigan State University

Disability Specialty Group

IMGS Social Media Correspondent Travel Award, Ampai Thammachack, Queen’s University, In partnership with the RGS-IBG Geographies of Health & Wellbeing Research Group, the AAG Healthy & Medical Geography Specialty Group, and the 19th International Medical Geography Symposium (IMGS), the DSG co-sponsored a Social Media Correspondent funding opportunity at the June 2022 IMGS.

Todd Reynolds Student Paper Award, Erin Clancy, The Fantasy of Anorexia: Historical Entanglements of Evolutionary Thought, Food Restriction, and Curative Imaginaries

Economic Geography Specialty Group

Best Dissertation in Economic Geography

  • Nina Ebner, University of British Columbia, Lives on the Line: The (Re)Making of Uneven Development on the United States-Mexico Border
  • Clare Beer, University of California-Los Angeles, Bankrolling Biodiversity: Philanthro-environmentalism & Not-For-Profit Conservation Finance in Chile

Best Dissertation Award – Honorable Mention

  • Maximilian Buchholz, University of Toronto, A Relational Approach to Regional Economic Development: Essays on Migration, Globalization, and Inequality
  • Araby Smyth, University of Kentucky, Gender and Remittances: Lived Experiences of Women in Oaxaca, Mexico

Early Career Keynote Lecture in Economic Geography, Sage Ponder, Florida State University, Reimagining Public Finance for Climate and Racial Justice

Graduate Student Research Award in Economic Geography, Alejandra Bonilla Mena, Penn State University, Patterns and stages of real estate financialization in Latin American cities

Summer Institute in Economic Geography Travel Award

  • Sam Nowak, UCLA
  • Guillermo Bervejillo
  • Francesca Manning
  • Andrea Pollio
  • Valentina Castellini

Energy and Environment Speciality Group

Dissertation Data and Fieldwork Award

  • Adam Gallaher, University of Connecticut, Energy Transitions in Connecticut: Exploring low carbon solutions for transportation and electricity production
  • Andrea Furnaro
  • Caroline Griffith, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Erik Post, University of British Columbia

Best Student Paper Award, Edgar Virguez, Duke University, Assessing the effect of incorporating land-use parcel-level data and local zoning ordinances when quantifying renewable energy resources potential

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion Award, Wellington Romão Oliveira, Cearense Meteorology and Water Resources Foundation – FUNCEME, For promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the field of Energy Geography, Where is the clean energy? Contradictions in the discourse of wind farms in Northeastern Brazil

Professional Geographer Award, Benjamin Sovacool, Institute for Sustainable Energy – Boston University, Sovacool, BK, et al. “Dispossessed by decarbonisation: Reducing vulnerability, injustice, and inequality in the lived experience of low-carbon pathways,” World Development 131 (2021), 105116, pp. 1-14.

Student Travel Award, Hernan Bianchi Benguria, Ph.D. Student in Geography, University of Toronto, Mineral Diplomacy, the Battery Lobby, and Politics of Abandonment in the Atacama Desert, Chile

Travel Award, Claire Burch, University of Oklahoma

Ethnic Geography Specialty Group

Distinguished Service Award, Edris Montalvo, Cameron University

Outstanding Dissertation Proposal Award, Scott Markley, University of Georgia, Planning Spatial Obsolescence: Racial Capitalism, the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation, and the Production of Racialized Devaluation

Feminist Geographies Specialty Group

Rickie Sanders Junior Faculty Award, Carrie Freshour

Susan Hanson Dissertation Proposal Award, Carla Macal, Cuerpo-Territorio: Intergenerational Trauma, Cultural Memory, and Cartographies of Healing among GuateMaya Feminist Groups

Glenda Laws Student Paper Award

  • Ivana Mulcahy, The Transgressed Body: Coping in a Patriarchal System
  • Jennifer Langill, I shouldn’t have to do this alone: Intersectional livelihoods and single Hmong women in Thailand

Jan Monk Service Award, Rachel Pain

Conference Support Award

  • Siera Vercillo, University of Waterloo
  • Devin Wright, Tulane University
  • Josie Wittmer, Queen’s University
  • Amrita Kumar-Ratta, University of Toronto
  • Melisa Argañaraz Gomez

Geographic Information Science and Systems

Student Honors Paper Competition

  • Wei Chen, Iowa State University, Large-scale Urban Building Function Mapping by Integrating Web-based Geospatial Data (1st place)
  • Hoeyun Kwon, University of Iowa, A space-time-semantics approach to identify and visualize collective discourse and sentiments during events on Twitter (2nd place)
  • Fangzheng Lyu, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, An Integrated CyberGIS and Machine Learning Framework for Fine-Scale Prediction of Urban Heat Island Using Satellite Remote Sensing and Urban Sensor Network Data (honorable mention)
  • Yanan Wu, The University of Texas at Dallas, Location analytics of routine occurrences (LARO) to identify locations with regularly occurring events with a case study on traffic accidents (honorable mention)
  • Karl Tacheron, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, A method of generating pedestrian walksheds to measure neighborhood walkability (honorable mention)

Geographies of Food and Agriculture

Book Award

  • Madeleine Fairbairn, University of California Santa Cruz, Fields of Gold: Financing the Global Land Rush (winner)
  • Pascale Joassart-Marcelli, San Diego State University, The $16 Taco: Contested Geographies of Food, Ethnicity, and Gentrification (runner up)

Graduate Research Award

  • Lilly Zeitler
  • Madison Barbour

Geography Education Specialty Group

Gail Hobbs Student Paper Competition, Kimberly Dare, Propelling UCSC Undergraduates of Color in Environmental Studies Through Mentorship

Geomorphology Specialty Group

Graduate Student Paper Award – Ph.D., Chelsy Salas, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Suspended Sediment Concentrations from Different Floodplain Geomorphic Environments of a Lowland Meandering River

Graduate Student Affinity Group

Research and Support Award

  • Michelle Harangody, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
  • Chantal Victoria Bright, University of Manchester, Water Security, Peace and Fragility in Liberia: An African Ecofeminist Approach
  • Peter DeBartolo, University of Oxford
  • Savannah Collins-Key, University of Tennessee
  • Tami Okamoto
  • Phurwa Gurung, University of Colorado Boulder

Hazards, Risks, and Disasters Specialty Group

Gilbert F. White Dissertation Award, Oronde Drakes, The University of Iowa

Gilbert F. White Thesis Award, Ashleigh Price, University of Southern Mississippi

Jeanne X. Kasperson Student Paper Award

  • Forest Cook, Utah State University
  • Salvesila Tamima, University of North Texas
  • Md Asif Rahman, University of Iowa
  • Wenxin Yang, Arizona State University

Health and Medical Geography

Data Visualization Contest

  • Cara Wychgram, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Dorothy Mandell, University of Texas

Jacques May Thesis Prize, Amanda Hall, University of Maryland (Doctoral)

Melinda S. Meade Student Travel Award

  • Shamayeta Bhattacharya, University of Connecticut
  • Kyunghee Ryu, University of Texas – Dallas
  • Suraiya Parvin, Penn State University
  • Lukman Fashina, East Tennessee State University
  • Yoonjung Ahn, Florida State University

Peter Gould Student Paper Award

  • Changzhen Wang, LSU
  • Rebecca Steed, The University of Utah

IMGS 2022 Travel Award, Penelope Mitchell, The University of Alabama

IMGS Social Media Correspondent Award, Ampai Thammachack

Jacques May Thesis Prize, Aida Guhlincozzi, University of Missouri (Doctoral)

Historical Geography

Andrew Hill Clark Paper Award

  • Emily Holloway, Clark University, Bodies in Transit: Speculation and the Biopolitical Imaginary (1st place)
  • Samuel Brandt, UCLA, The Brazilian Scene (2nd place)

Carville Earle Research Award

  • Samuel Orndoff, San Diego State University & University of California, Santa Barbara, Research proposal in southern California (Indigenous peoples and environmental justice)
  • John J. (Jack) Swab, University of Kentucky, Intertwined Histories?: Urban Geography and Urban Sociology at the University of Chicago (Tie for first place)

Human Dimensions of Global Change

Student Research Award, Matthieu Jean-Claude Ahouangbenon, University of Delaware, To support research for their project, titled Integrating farmers’ decisions and high-resolution geospatial data for an improved crop-climate modeling framework

Landscape Specialty Group

Landscape Photography Competition

  • Mitchell Snyder, University of California, Davis, for his photo “Rodeo” (1st place)
  • Wellington Romão Oliveira, Universidade Federal do Ceará, for his photo of a Brazilian woman fishing (2nd place and People’s Choice Award)

Conference Registration Award, Morgan Rogers, UCLA

Latin America Specialty Group

Best Paper Award, Clare Marie Beer, UCLA, Bankrolling Biodiversity: The Politics of Philanthropic Conservation Finance in Chile

Solidarity Conference Support Award

  • Ulises Moreno-Tabarez, London School of Economics
  • Tami Okamoto, Cambridge

M.A. Fieldwork Award, Andrea Pimentel Rivera, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Cooperative Futures and Infrastructure Justice in Passenger Ferry Travel in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Ph.D. Fieldwork Award, Ingrid Alexia Diaz Moreno, University of North Carolina, Feminizing the Agrarian Frontier: Women Workers and Oil-Palm Plantation Landscape in the Llanos of Colombia

Latinx Geographies

Mutual-Aid Funding

  • Aideen Ocallaghan
  • Alana de Hinojosa
  • Camille Samuels
  • Cassidy Tawse-Garcia
  • Alejandra Bonilla
  • Corrin Turkowitch
  • Annelise Straw
  • Katrina Ward
  • Gianmaria Lenti
  • Ana Beatriz da Silva
  • Hilary Malson
  • Inari Sosa Aranda
  • Tagimamao Melanie Bean
  • Lauren Perez-Bonill

Mutual Aid Award, Lucien Meadows

Translation Services, Semaj Moore

Legal Geography

Graduate Student Presentation Award

  • Alicia Danze, A Case for Court Watch as Feminist Geopolitical Method for Immigration Research
  • Yanin Kramsky, A Case Study of Bodily Normativity in California’s Wildfire Governance
  • Jae Page, Necronationalism and the Law: A Legal Geography of Canada’s Deathscapes

Mountain Geography Specialty Group

Chimborazo Student Research Grant Award, Jamie Alumbaugh, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, The Holocene Drought History of an Andean Páramo

Paleoenvironmental Change

Butzer Award, Scott Mensing, University of Nevada-Reno,

Mosley Thompson Award, Anna Klimaszewski-Patterson, California State University-Sacramento, Klimaszewski-Patterson, A., Morgan, C.T. and Mensing, S., 2020. Identifying a Pre-Columbian Anthropocene in California. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 111(3), pp.784-794

Student Poster/Presentation Award

  • Taber Friedel, Florida Atlantic University, Reconstructed vegetation of the past 400 years at Laguna Carse, Costa Rica
  • Ichchha Thapa, Indiana State University, Quantifying interactions of climate and disturbance events that drive forest dynamics in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (M.S.)
  • Hang Li, Indiana State University, The spatial effects of the NDVI reconstruction in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem derived from the tree-ring (Ph.D.)

Political Geography

Alexander B. Murphy Dissertation Enhancement Award, Xiaofeng Liu, The University of Hong Kong, Sustainable Development with Chinese Characteristics? The Politics of the Green Belt and Road Initiative

Julian Minghi Distinguished Book Award, Orhon Myadar, University of Arizona, Mobility and Displacement: Nomadism, Identity, and Postcolonial Narratives in Mongolia

Ph.D. Paper Award, Allen Hai Xiao, University of Wisconsin-Madison, ‘The Belt and Road Initiative’ and Chinese Overseas Diplomatic Authorities: Discursive Representations and the Geopolitical Outreach in Africa

Richard Morrill Public Outreach Award, Evan Centanni, Political Geography Now

Stanley D. Brunn Junior Scholar Award, Julie Klinger, University of Delaware

Virginia Mamadouh Outstanding Research Award, Gregory Thaler, with Cecilia Viana and Fabiano Toni: From Frontier Governance to Governance Frontier: The Political Geography of Brazil’s Amazon Transition

Recreation, Tourism, and Sport

Early Career Researcher Paper Award, Anna-Maria Walter, University of Oulu, The self in a time of constant connectivity: Romantic intimacy and the ambiguous promise of mobile phones for young women in Gilgit, northern Pakistan

Student Paper Award, Katarzyna Emin, University of Florida, Brand Awareness in Textual Data: An Analysis of TripAdvisor Reviews on UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Poland

Regional Development and Planning

Ashok K. Dutt Award for Best Graduate Student Paper

  • Grete Gansauer, Montana State University, Beyond city limits: infrastructural regionalism in rural Montana, USA
  • Ning Xiong, University of Utah, Tech Firm Births and Agglomeration Economies: (Un)Related Variety, Specialization, and Spatial Externalities

Remote Sensing

Student Honors Paper Competition Award

  • Xiaoyue Tan, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Modeling the direction and magnitude of angular effects in nighttime light remote sensing (1st place)
  • Chishan Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, A phenology-guided Bayesian-CNN (PB-CNN) framework for crop yield estimation and uncertainty analysis (2nd place)
  • Blair Mirka, The University of New Mexico, Evaluation of thermal infrared imaging from uninhabited aerial vehicles for arboreal wildlife surveillance (3rd place)
  • Yunze Zang, Beijing Normal University, Mapping rapeseed in China using Sentinel data: an automated approach based on index-based sample generation and one-class classifier (ISG-OC) (3rd place)

Student Illustrated Paper Competition Award

  • Yin Liu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, CropSow: a novel modeling framework to estimate field-level crop sowing date with multi-scale satellite time series (1st place)
  • Shuyu Chang, Pennsylvania State University, The application of remote sensing and machine learning to improve early warning systems for harmful algal events in the Highland Lake Chains, TX (2nd place)
  • Claire Wang, Clark University, Quantifying the time series pattern of a binary variable: land change across 36 years in Brazil (3rd place)

Student Paper Award, Bradi Heaberlin, Department of Geography and School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering at Indiana University

Socialist and Critical Geography SG

James Blaut Award, Deondre Smiles, University of Victoria

Travel Award

  • Mikael Omstedt, University of British Columbia
  • Laura Williams, University of Hawaii Manoa
  • Stefan Norgaard, Columbia University
  • Elisa Favaro Verdi, University of São Paulo (USP)
  • Emma Gaalaas Mullaney

Organizing Fellowship, Leah Montange

Spatial Analysis and Modeling

John Odland Student Paper Competition

  • Lenka Hasova, University of Bristol (1st place)
  • Meiliu Wu, University of Wisconsin, Madison (2nd place)
  • Mehak Sachdeva, Arizona State University (3rd place)

Student Travel Award

  • Changzhen Wang
  • Jingyi Xiao
  • Jiuying Han
  • Yu Lan
  • Providence Adu
  • Weiying Lin
  • Yue Lin
  • Zijian Wan
  • Binbin Lin
  • Yunlei Liang
  • Leonardo Calzada
  • Seonga Cho
  • Gyoorie Kim

Transportation Geography

Edward L. Ullman Award, David Banister, University of Oxford, for contributions to the field of Transportation Geography

Dissertation Award, Paul Jung, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, Distance Friction and Spatial Interaction Dynamics of International Freight Transportation

Student Travel Award

  • Kyusik Kim, Florida State University
  • Jeff Allen, University of Toronto

Undergraduate Student Affinity Group

Undergraduate Student Poster Competition

  • Ruthanne Ward, Clark University, Effects of Adjusting the Calibration and Validation Interval on Simulating Forest Loss in Maranhao & Tocantins, Brazil
  • Christina Salzmann, University of Montana, High-Mountain Hazards in the Indian Himalaya: An Assessment of the Causes and Effects of the Chamoli Flood in 2021
  • Aloysie Kwizera, University of Texas at Austin, Change in Gender Role Attitudes Among East African Immigrants in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area

Urban Geography Specialty Group

Glenda Laws Undergraduate Student Paper Award, Poon Kylie Yuet Ning

Graduate Student Paper Award, Albert Rossmeier

Virtual Conference Access Award

  • Sara Maani
  • Zhe Wang
  • Aleem Mahabir
  • Albert Rossmeier
  • Billy Southern
  • Chantal Rietdijk
  • Carolyn Swope
  • Ana Beatriz da Silva
  • Josh Merced

Alternative Modes of Scholarship Award, Billy Southern

Ph.D. Dissertation Award, Robert Chlala

Urban Geography Graduate Student Fellowship Award, Lauren Weber

Water Resources Specialty Group

Olen Paul Matthews and Kathleen A. Dwyer Fund for Water Resources Award, Dr. Thomas LaVanchy, Department of Geography, Oklahoma State University, Finding Community Voice for Water Justice after Day Zero

Student Research Presentation

  • Sumiya Bilegsaikhan, National University of Singapore, When there is too much, yet too little of the Nam Ou left: an everyday geography of water in northern Laos
  • Krista Harrington, Portland State University, Understanding Unlikely Alliances on Snake River Dam Removal through a Political Ecology Lens

Gilbert White Distinguished Career Award, Dr. Chansheng He, Western Michigan University

Student Research Paper, Wenjing Zhang, University of Melbourne, Centre, locality and the transition to sustainable urbanisation in China: water for the future city, Xiong’an

Student Research Proposal, Arun Pallathakda, Portland State University, Detection, classification, and mapping of stormwater infrastructure in Portland using AI and Google Street View

Wine Beer and Spirits

Student Paper/Poster Award, Walter Furness, Texas State University, Yeasty politics and entanglements with humans in synthetic biology

The Publication Award, Karl Raitz, University of Kentucky, Making Bourbon: Geographical History of Distilling in Nineteenth-Century Kentucky