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MyCOE / SERVIR Fellowships

The MyCOE / SERVIR fellowship program supports supports long-term capacity building in the use of geography and geographic technologies for sustainable development.

The program is offering 10-month fellowships in the following regions: East and West Africa, the Himalayas and Southeast Asia.  

Learn more and view the program wiki here! 

Current Activities and Long-term Initiatives

MyCOE / SERVIR Fellowship Initiative
The MyCOE / SERVIR Partnership, supported by NASA and USAID, supports long term local capacity to use geography and geographic technologies for sustainable development initiatives in developing regions across the world. See the MyCOE / SERVIR webpage for more information.

Global Connections and Exchange Program
Funded by the Department of State, the GCE sought to enhance mutual understanding and geographic thought between youth in the United States and their counterparts in Bolivia, Ghana, Nicaragua, and the Philippines. Please see the the MyCOE GCE project webpage for more information. 

Biodiversity Initiative in Africa
MyCOE / SERVIR supported interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral teams of university students and their mentors to learn to apply geographic techniques for research on protected areas, threatened species, and related topics in Africa.

Biodiversity Initiative in Central America
MyCOE trained 25 students and mentors on 12 interdisciplinary teams from 9 countries to use GIS, GPS, remote sensing and geographic methods for biodiversity initiatives in Central America.

Supporting Basic Math and Science Education in the Middle East
MyCOE provided capacity training for 25 educators in 10 countries in the use of geographic technologies and hands-on active pedagogy to engage youth in math and science in the Middle East

Providing Educators with GPS Technology and Support in Southeast Asia
35 teachers in the Philippines were competitively selected to attend a workshop in the city of Davao which focused on capacity building and topics such as earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, and other themes important to Southeast Asia.

My Community, Our Earth Initiatives
For more information about MyCOE activities since 2002, please view our timeline of selected major parternship activities

What is Geographic Learning?

Geography is the science of place and space. Geographers ask where things are located on the surface of the earth, why they are located where ...

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are making a difference in their communities and for the earth using geographic tools and concepts to address local issues of sustainable development. Learn more about environmental issues in your neighborhood, village, city, or nation. Determine what patterns and trends impact where you live and what this means for our planet. Discover solutions by thinking spatially. 

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Global Connections and Exchange 2014 Youth TechCamps: My Community, Our Earth Program 

on Geography, Mapping, Global Climate Change and Environment in Bolivia, Panama, and South Africa

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